July 24,2022

 1.     Next Sunday, July 31st , 2022, we will have Holy communion service in Malayalam at 10:00 am.

2.     Face-mask requirements

The wearing of masks is encouraged within the church premises during the services. However, each person to decide if they use or disuse of face-mask.

3.     Parish Picnic 2022

CMTC Annual Family Picnic will be held at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park in Stouffville on Saturday, July 30th. It will be a full day of fun events for children, youth and seniors. Registration is starting today and a registration desk is setup in the foyer. Please register at the earliest and pick up your free park

entry passes. If you do not register ahead of time, you will be required to pay the park entry fee of approx. $7/person.

Picnic Registration Rates are as follows:

Family of 4 or 5           =          $50

Family of 2                  =          $25

Single                          =          $15

Students                     =          $10

Rate Includes: BBQ Lunch, Park Admission and Parking


Picnic Sponsors : Grand Sponsors: Alex Alexander, Re/Max Community Realty and  James Zachariah, Team JZACH, HomeLife Frontier Realty.


Silver Sponsor:            George Mathai, Re/Max All Stars Realty


From Benny Joseph & George Mathew Madackal, Picnic Coordinators


4.     Senior Fellowship Cruise on Friday,July 22nd review.


Our Senior Fellowship Boat cruise was held on Friday July 22nd 2022. First and foremost we thank God Almighty for giving us good weather and for keeping us safe during our journey. Thank also goes to all  64 participants  who made the day a memorable one. We are very grateful to Rev.Roji Mathews for his guidance as well as to Susan Samuel, who booked the cruise and arranged the transportation.


All in all it was a great success.


From Mathew C Samuel, Senior Fellowship Coordinator.


5.     Executive Committee Meeting notice.


6.     Prayer Meetings

1.       Fasting prayer on Wednesday, July 27th @10:30 am virtually on Google Meet.

2.       Edavaka Mission prayer meeting on Friday, July 29th @ 8 pm virtually on Google Meet.

3.       Chain Prayer on Saturday - 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Prayer requests should be send to the prayer_requests@marthoma.ca or be dropped in the prayer requests box kept outside the Vicar’s office or be sent via WhatsApp directly to Achen @ +1-647-294-8796.

7.     Edavaka Mission Announcement

Under the leadership of Edavaka Mission, a one-day in-person revival meeting will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at our church, for all parish members across all ages.  The main speaker will be Bro. Finney Premkumar, Founder & Director of Truth Matters International.  We shall also have worship, intercessory prayers, group discussions, group activities and Q & A sessions.  Food and snacks will be provided for all participants.  For facilitating further arrangements, we request all parishioners to ascertain their participation by giving their names to Mr. TD Samuel, Vice President of Edavaka Mission. 

8.     Obituary

Mr. P.E.GEORGE (87 yrs., Retd. Headmaster) ,Eason Cottage, Vazhamuttom East, father of our member Mrs. Beula Mary George, w/o Mr. Joji George (34 Rollo Drive Ajax, ON ,L1S7E3 - Area 1) passed away in Kerala on July 21st.
 He was a member of CSI Church, Mallassery and the funeral was held today.

 We, the CMTC family, express our heartfelt condolences and let us uphold Mr. Joji George, Mrs. Beula George and Mr. Joel Joji in fervent prayers for peace and consolation in bereavement.