The Choir

The Canadian Mar Thoma Choir Toronto


– The establishment of the Canadian Mar Thoma Church Choir dates back to 1980.

– The choir consists of church members who have embraced Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have successfully undergone audition assessments.

– Auditions for the choir are held every three years.

– The Department of Sacred Music and Communications (DSMC) in India serves as the principal organization responsible for producing and sharing music within the Mar Thoma Church.

– The Choir actively collaborates with DSMC at both the diocesan and central levels.


1. To improve the quality of worship through singing and music in Parishes.

2. To organize workshops and training in Parish, Center, Regional, and Diocesan levels as needed.


– Corporate worship is central in the Mar Thoma Church.

– Responsive readings and liturgical chants are integral components of this worship.

– Incorporating music and musical instruments enhances the appeal and devotion of services like the Holy Qurbana and Divine services.

– Organized church music contributes to the spiritual atmosphere and prepares devotees’ hearts and minds for worship.

– The Canadian Mar Thoma Church Toronto has been fortunate to have a skilled and talented choir group since its inception.

– The Choir not only leads regular services but also special ones like Christmas, House-to-House caroling, Passion Week, the Annual parish convention, and more.

– They participate in annual events such as the Eastern Region Choir festival of the Diocese, Joint Kerala Christian St. Thomas day, Christmas celebrations, and community events like the Markham Music Festival.

– The last Sunday of May is observed as Sacred Music day, emphasizing the importance of music during worship. Choir members take on most lay leadership roles during this service.

Parish Choir Committee

President: The Rev Roji Mathews Abraham, Ph: 647-294-8796
Secretary: Nikhil Daniel, Ph: 647-862-9587
Treasurer: Jose Mathews , Ph: 647-891-1088

Choir Leaders:
Liz Kochummen, Ph: 416-709-0814
Abby Alexander, Ph: 416-833-4015
Blessen Mathew, Ph: 437-980-3314

Committee Members:
Jaya Jacob Ph 416-833-4015
Omana Joseph Ph 647-868-3991
Sherly Mathews Ph 647-707-2102
Bapu Cherian Ph 647-746-2278
Sunil Sam Koshy Ph 416-856-1851
Tom C Thomas Ph 647-834-3292
Thomas Baby Ph 647-687-8847