Sunday School

The Canadian Mar Thoma Sunday School Toronto

An Enchanting Overview

Incorporated into the very essence of the Canadian Mar Thoma Church ever since it was founded in the heart of Toronto. The cherubic flock of youngsters, committed instructors, and enthusiastic volunteers are seamlessly woven into the sacramental fabric and the temporal life of the church.

The Sacred Motto

– “Come to Jesus. Bring every child to Jesus” (St. Luke 18 16)

Exalted Objectives

1. Serves as the revered Christian Education Division of the distinguished Mar Thoma Church.

2. Promotes the spiritual rise of budding believers by cultivating their hearts to embrace of Jesus Christ as the Sovereign Lord and Saviour.

3. To prepare children for a life of Christian fellowship and worship.

4. Encourages involvement in the church’s revered institutions and organisations by fostering unwavering commitment to the institution.

5. Forges the young souls into torchbearers of the church’s divine mission.

6. organises symposiums, educational exemplars, scholarly seminars, ecumenical soirees, and VBS galas to fan the flame of in-depth Bible study, unshakeable faith, revered church histories, and brotherly alliances.

7. To give educators the tools they need to teach successfully and in conformity with the Bible.

8. Produce enriching content for both educators and students.

9. Initiate the establishment and administration of prestigious educational citadels.

10. Provides an elite Sunday School programme for students between the ages of 3½ and 17 that is precisely linked with the august guidelines sanctioned by the Diocese.

The Citadel of Academics and Enlightenment

– Adheres unwaveringly to the curriculum bequeathed by the Diocese of North America and Europe.

– Ardently devoted to the cultivation of faith in the ineffable Triune God, the impartation of the cherished tenets, practices, and hallowed missional history of the Mar Thoma Church, all founded on the eternal Word of God, our Redeemer Jesus Christ, and the sanctified Scriptures, divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.

– Administers judicious mid-term and final examinations, with higher thresholds of virtuous achievement and minimal yet laudable focus on grades.

Eminent Events and Activities

– Praise and worship sessions, every Sunday from 9 am to 9:30 am.

– Prayerful participation in Parish events and programs.

The Luminous Helm of Leadership

– Adheres steadfastly to the guiding hand of the Vicar, the Superintendent, and the Teachers.

An Illuminating Link

  – Seek illumination and heritage @ the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church Sunday School Samajam Website: a portal replete with sacred knowledge, updates, and a trove of celestial insights

Sunday School Committee Members

 Please Contact the Following for further Details 

PresidentRev. Roji Mathews Abraham+1 (647) 294-8796
SecretarySoniya Abrham+1 (647) 472-7907
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member