Youth Fellowship

The Canadian Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship Toronto


– The Canadian Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship (Youth fellowship) was officially established in 1980, making it the Parish’s first youth organization.

– The Canadian Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam, another youth organization, has been active in the parish since 2005.

– The Youth fellowship collaborates with the Youth Fellowship of the Diocese of North America and Europe.


– Vicar and Members of the Mar Thoma Church who are 13 years old as on January 1st and up to 35 years old and willing to sign the application form, to fulfill the spiritual and missional objectives of organization will be the members of the Youth Fellowship.

– The Junior Youth Fellowship includes teenagers aged twelve to nineteen, while the Senior Youth Fellowship includes older youth up to thirty-five years.


1. To assist Mar Thoma Church kids in receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour

2. To support young people as they develop into mature followers of Jesus Christ.

3. To prepare young people for a life of Christian fellowship and worship.

4. To encourage young people to grow in their commitment to the church and to get involved in the expansion of its different institutions and organisations.

5. To prepare young people to take part in the church’s mission.

6. To plan and conduct seminars, classes, workshops, conferences, mission tours, etc. to pique and promote the interest of young people in bible studies, faith and practices of the church, history of the church, and ecumenical ties.


– Juniors and Seniors have separate programs aimed at nurturing responsible young individuals who can face life’s challenges while upholding church faith and Christian values.

– Activities include biweekly prayer meetings, study classes on Biblical and contemporary topics, and recreational events like KidsFest for Juniors during the summer.

– Youth fellowship members actively participate in church and Diocese worship services and activities.

– An annual youth service is conducted with a special order of worship prepared by the Diocese and approved by the Mar Thoma Metropolitan.

– The Youth Fellowship encourages members to volunteer for missions of the Diocese and other community programs of the Mar Thoma Church.

– The Youth fellowship hosts Junior and Senior regional youth conferences once every two years.

– All activities are overseen by the Vicar, who serves as the President.

– Funds are raised through souvenir sales, bake sales, car washes, and donations from church members and the public.

Please Contact the Following for further Details 

Rev.Roji Mathews AbrahamPresident647-294-8796
Joshuva AlexanderVice President647-467-4610
Nithin ThonichalilSecretary647-739-0761
Abhijit CherianTreasurer416-910-4498
Riya RoyCommittee member437-996-3011
Sneha Mathews
Committee member
Jerin Joy
Committee member
Sharon Varghese
Committee member
Nidhi Joseph
Committee member
Sheba Ommen Auditor647-617-8771
Akhil John MathewAuditor647-770-7653