Seniors’ Fellowship

The Canadian Mar Thoma Seniors’ Fellowship Toronto

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” – (Proverbs 16: 31)


Overview an Objectives

– In 2007, The Canadian Mar Thoma Church initiated the Senior Citizens Fellowship, where seniors gather once a month at the church for various activities.

– These gatherings include intercessory prayer, devotional messages, and discussions on social issues.

– The Mar Thoma Church in North America and Europe has a growing senior population, including The Canadian Mar Thoma Church.

– Individuals aged sixty and above are considered senior citizens, with varying health conditions – some are active, while others are homebound due to illness.

– Many of these senior citizens played a pivotal role in establishing the churches and have valuable experience, expertise, and wisdom to offer.

– It is ethically imperative to provide support to these pioneering first-generation Marthomites who came to an unfamiliar land, worked diligently to support their families in Canada and India, assisted their relatives and the needy, established churches across North America and Europe, and significantly contributed to the global Mar Thoma Church’s growth. – A generation that cares for its elderly is considered blessed, as exemplified by Joshua’s exhortation to remain steadfast in God’s commandments and remember divine guidance and protection in old age.

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Rev.Roji Mathews AbrahamPresident+1 (647) 294-8796                          
Cherian SamuelVice president905 764 6372
Mariamma EdichandySecretary+1 (416) 454-6077
Dr.Thomas JosephTrustee905 884 4225
Nrs Mariamma SamuelCommittee Member
Mrs Omana JosephCommittee Member905 884 4225
Mr Mathew VargheseCommittee Member
Mr Chandy KalampukattuCommittee Member905 472 0610
Mr Mathew RajanAuditor905 420 9552
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