Sunday Aug 30th, 2020

Announcements, Sunday, August 30, 2020

Next Sunday, September 6, 2020 we will be having our divine service in English at 10:00am. First 100 Members from Area 1 & Area 2 will be permitted to attend the service in person. A link for online registration will be sent to all. Members of Area 1 & 2 need to respond if interested to join in church for the service.

As mentioned earlier, we will be following the COVID-19 Protocol for religious & public gatherings, as mandated by the Province of Ontario, jointly with the York Region, to facilitate the safest possible return to worshipping indoors at the church.

1)              Program schedule for Week 36

We will be having our online prayer secession every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 8pm. We will be having our Chain Prayer every Tuesday & Saturday from 6am onwards
I will be sending out an email with all details.

2)              Election of Prayer Group Representatives

A notice is hereby given for the election of prayer group representatives of Area 6 & 7 today August 30th, 2020 at church after the divine service. Request all prayer group members to attend prayerfully.


3)              Sevika Sangham Announcement

Sevika Sanghom has arranged a retreat on Saturday,12th Sept at 10:30 am through virtual platform. Our guest speaker for this retreat will be Mrs. Reena John (Reena Kochamma) who is a certified counselor practicing Individual and Family Counseling.

It will be a good opportunity for us to listen and learn from her experiences and request everyone’s prayerful participation.

Meeting details will be shared by WhatsApp & Email.

Please contact Sevika Sangham Secretary Lini Mathew for further details.

4)              Edavaka Mission & Sevika Sanghom Announcement

There will be a prayer vigil organized by Edavaka Mission and Sevika Sanghom on Sunday, August 30, 2020 at the church at 7:30 pm. It is a time of intercessory prayer, singing and sharing experience. All Edavaka Mission and Sevika Sanghom members are welcome. Please attend prayerfully.


The usual Covid -19 Protocols for the worship service will be followed at the entrance and inside the sanctuary.The programme will also be live streamed.


On behalf of Edavaka Mission and Sevika Sanghom, Alexander Philip & Lini Mathew



5)              Sunday School Announcements

a. The joint Sunday school and Youth Fellowship Talent show took place over the past few weeks with a record number of participants and culminated in a grand finale event in the church parking lot yesterday which included distribution of medals for the winners of the competition. Thank you to all the Sunday School students and youth for your participation. A special word of appreciation goes to our Achen for his continued support and guidance as well as the coordinators of the event Jessy Cherian, Tiji Lukose and Sanjana Joseph, the Sunday School teachers and parents.


b. Sunday school classes for the new academic year are scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 13th. Email instructions will be sent to the parents / children for registration along with details about the format of the classes. Any new children that would like to participate in Sunday School are requested to contact Sunday School Superintend Alexander John or our Achen, Rev. Sunil Mathew.


6)              Obituary Notice

It is with deep sorrow we announce the sad demise of P. A. John, 63 years, Puthuparampil, Chengara, Pathanamthitta, brother of our member Pappachan Abraham called to eternal glory in Kerala. 


It is with deep sorrow we announce the sad demise of Sosamma Chacko, 93 years, grandmother of our member Anish Issac, at Kaviyoor, Kerala


Thank you all and have a Blessed Week!