Sunday March 10th , 2019

Announcements for 10th of March 2019. Sunday.

1  This gives me immense pleasure to thank you all for your prayerful Participation in Today’s Worship Especially our heartful thanks and appreciations to Mr. Santhosh Varghese who delivered a wonderful message today. May God bless us all with His immense blessings.

2  On Sunday March 17th, 2019 at 9am will have the Sunday school common session followed by holy communion in Malayalam at 10. am. Rev.Dr.T.S. Thomas also will be with us. As per the Kalpana of the diocesan bishop we will celebrate next Sunday as world day of prayer our sevika sangam will assist the service. Please come with prayer and preparation. We the Canadian MarThoma Church family express our sincere greetings to all our members who are celebrating their birthdays and wedding anniversaries during this week. 

3.    Prayer meetings

1. There will be an area 6 prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs..&Mr. Shaji Jacob on today 10th of March 2019 at 4pm. Their address is 61, Amarone Ave,woodbridge.

 2.There will be an area 4 prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs. & Mr. Mathew C.Samuel on Saturday 16th of March, 2019 at 6pm.Their address is; 51, Beulah drive,Markham

.3. There will be an area 3 prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs & mr.George Abraham on Sunday 17th of March 2019 at 5pm. Their address is 62, Grosbeak crescent Scarborough. 

4.    Lent Prayer.

1.On March 14th at 7.30pm there will be a lent prayer meeting at the residence of Mrs.& Mr. Santhosh Varghese, There address is 21,Trainor court,Nobelton

2. On March 15 2019 at 7.30pm will have a lent prayer at the residence of Mrs.&Mr.Mani Abraham. Their address is 199, Flagstone way,NewMarket

5.    Sevika Sangam Announcement. There will be a special song practice for next Sunday service will be here in the sanctuary right after the announcement, Request all interested Sevika Sangam members to stay back for the practice. (All Sevika Sangam members may wear white and red.) 

6.    Senior citizens fellowship There will be a senior citizens fellowship meeting on 17th of March 2019 (Next Sunday) after the Service. All senior fellowship members may please attend prayerfully.

7.    Announcement Regarding the Diocesan yuvajana Sakhyam Conference.

October 4-6 at Philadelhia 

8.    Announcement regarding the Senior fellowship national conference.

September 25- 28 at Philadelphia 

9.    Collection for Thomson Thomas 

10.Sunday School Choir and Malayalam Classes. 

11. Choir Audition 

12. Obituary: It is with deep regret and sadness that we inform the sad demise of Aliyamma Samuel,81 yrs, Older sister of Abraham Chacko (THampi) and Cherian Abraham(Babykutty) on Monday 4th of March 2019. The funeral was held on Saturday 9th of March 2019 at Salem MarThoma Church Chachippunna, Pathanapuram,Kerala. Our heartfelt condolences. May God console the bereaved family. 

13. Offertory collected on Sunday March 3rd. Birthday Offertory - $920.00General offertory - $1305.00 Wedding Aniversary - $20.00 Diocesan Sunday collection $950.00