Sunday October 28, 2018

Announcements For Sunday Oct. 28th 2018

1. Worship Service: 
Next Sunday Nov.4th 9.00 AM Sunday School Common Session and Classes followed by Holy Communion Service in Malayalam Starting at 10.00 AM.
2. Prayer Meetings : 
1)There will be an area 3 prayer meeting at 4.00 PM today at the residence of Mrs. Kunjamma Ninan in Scarb. 
2)There will be an area 1 prayer meeting at 5.30 PM today at the residence of Mr. Regi Alexander (Regi and Suji) in Pickering.
3)There will be an area 4 prayer meeting at 5.30 Pm on Saturday Nov.3rd at the residence of Mr. Itty Thomas (Itty and Jolly) in Markham.
        4)There will be an area 5 prayer meeting at 6.00 PM on Sunday Nov.4th on behalf of Mr. Sunil Sam Koshy (Sunil and Blaisy) at our church. 
3. Sunday School announcement: 
Hallelujah night October 31st Wednesday 7-9 PM at Church 
4. Photo Directory Announcement: 
Please check the schedule in the Notice Board. 
5. There will be Fasting prayer meeting at 10 AM on Wednesday at church.
6. There will be Edavka mission prayer meeting at 7.30 Pm on Friday at church.