Sunday, June 17, 2018

Announcements for June 17th  Sunday.

1.       Worship Services: Next Sunday, June 24th Sunday School Common Session at 9:am followed by Holy Communion Service in English at 9:30 am 

2.      Marriage Bann 

3.     We will be re- starting Fasting Prayer Meeting this Wednesday at 10:00 am at Church. We encourage those who can come please join us for a one hour prayer

4.     There will be Edavaka Mission Prayer this Friday evening at 7:30 at church 

5.     Prayer Meeting : There is an area 4 Prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. Alex Philip (Alex    and Tiji) this Sunday at 6:00PM. Their address is 199 Reeves Way Blvd Stouffville.

6.     Today after the service there will be the Yuvajana Sakhyam and Young families prayer meeting at the church all are requested to attend the meeting. 

7.     Next Sunday, June 24th there will be a meeting of those who are Fairly new in Canada. The meeting is arranged by Welcome Center Immigrant Services to  facilitate and assist new immigrants to integrate in the Canadian context. Agents from the Welcome Center Canada will be here to answer questions and explain the various Services available to the new immigrants as well as others who need help. We encourage all those who are new to this country and other s looking for government services to come and attend this session. That is next Sunday immediately after the Holy Communion Service. 

8.     This quarter Messager has arrived subscribers please contact Alex Alexander our Diocesan Council Member to get it. 


9.     Youth announcement.