Sunday, Oct 29, 2017


Announcements for Sunday, Oct 29, 2017

Worship Services

Next Sunday, Nov 5 th we will have Praise & Worship service at 9:00 AM followed by Holy Communion service in Malayalam at 9:30 AM.  




Prayer meeting


1.      An area 5 prayer meeting will be held at the residence of Mr. Jacob Mathew (Pramod & Preethy) on Nov 4 th at 6:00 PM. Address: 23 Grovewood St, Richmond Hill. Tel: 289-234-4855

2.      An area 5 prayer meeting will be held at the residence of Mr. Abraham varghese on Nov 5 th at 6:00 PM. Address: 153 Tower Road, Richmond Hill. Tel: 905-884-4614




Youth Fellowship announcement


There will be Hallelujah Night on October 31st at The Canadian Mar Thoma Church from 7pm-9pm. The night will be filled with fun games, activities, and a lot of candy for kids! This year's theme is Hawaii. So show off your bright side! We ask all parents to bring their kids to this wonderful event! 


Maneesha and Nithin

Hallelujah Night Coordinators




Souvenir Committee announcement


Those who haven't done so far, please make the commitment for the souvenir and send the matter to be included in the souvenir ASAP to the email cmtc.souvenir - latest by November 30, 2017."


Alexander Philip




The Edavaka Sangham Register List  2017-18


Dear Members,


Edavaka Sangham list (voters list) of the Canadian Mar Thoma church for the year 2017-2018 is being published. Objection if any, to this list, shall be given in writing to the Vicar by the respective member within 10 days of publication and the Vicar shall consider the objection and decide the same and proceed to take appropriate follow-up action thereon.

Any person eligible for membership in Edavaka Sangham whose name is not included in the Edavaka Sangham register may present a special application to the Vicar for inclusion of his/her name in the register within ten days of publication.


Yours in Christ’s ministry,




Rev. Shibu samuel


Oct 28, 2017


Note: The Edavaka Sangham register list is posted on the notice board.







1.      Absolutely no food or drink are allowed in the sanctuary. Lat week we found a number of water bottles, some half empty, candy wrappers etc. Request everyone to cooperate and do not leave any garbage inside the sanctuary.

2.      As announced earlier, request no shoes be worn inside the sanctuary.