Senior Fellowship


"Long lige is a gift from God . With long life , iI will satisfy Him" ( Psam 91:16)

Mar Thoma Church in North America and Europe has a growing population of senior citizens and The Candian Mar Thoma Church is no exception. All church members above the age of sixty years are considered to be `Senior Citizens’. Most of the senior citizens are healthy enough to be engaged in various activities and some of them are confined to their homes due to ill health. They were instrumental in the formation of our churches. It would be ideal if parishes were prepared to support these first generation Marthomites with different physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. The church could make good use of their experience, expertise and wisdom for the betterment of all their members.

It would be ethically immoral if we do not fully support these pioneers who came to an unknown land, did hard labor to support their families here and in India, helped their relatives and the needy in the Canada and in India, established churches all over North America & Europe and contributed immensely to the growth of global Mar Thoma Church. The generation that cares for its aged, is blessed! Joshua in his old age exhorted his people to go forward without deviating from God’s commandments, and remembering the ways God had guided and protected them.

Senior Citizens Fellowship was started in 2007 at The Canadian Mar Thoma Church. Seniors meet once a month at the Church. During these meetings our members actively participate in intercessory prayer, devotional messages and discuss social issues etc. 

Please Contact the Following for further Details 

Mathew C Samuel Coordinator              (416) 230-9800