The Choir


Worship in the Mar Thoma Church is corporate worship.  Responsive readings and chants from the liturgy of the church is an indispensable part of worship.  Use of music and musical instruments in the congregational response and singing make the services (the Holy Qurbana and Divine services) more attractive and devotional to the spiritual person.  Above all, orderly church music enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the church and prepares the hearts and minds of devotees for worship. Canadian Mar Thoma Church Toronto is blessed with the presence of a well trained and talented group as choir in its services, even from the days of its inception.

The Canadian Mar Thoma Church Toronto Choir (the Choir) was formally organized in 1980. Since 1990 the Choir is functioning as two wings- Malayalam wing and the English wing. Many of the Choir members are members of both wings. The Malayalam wing gives leadership during the services in Malayalam and the English wing, during the services in English. Members of the church who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and passed the screening audition tests become choir members. Audition tests are administered once in three years. In the Mar Thoma Church, the Department of Sacred Music and Communications (DSMC) in India serves as the central organization for music development and distribution.  The Choir also functions in association with DSMC.

The Choir elects their own office bearers every three years and functions under the supervision of the Vicar. The Choir has weekly practice sessions and special training sessions.  It is noteworthy that many of the Choir members play musical instruments such as Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Saxophone, Khadam, Triple-drums and other instruments during the services.   The Choir gives leadership not only for the regular Holy Qurbana and Divine services but also for special services such as Christmas, House to House caroling, Passion Week, Annual parish convention and other programs.  The Choir participates in annual functions such as Eastern Region Choir festival of the Diocese, Joint Kerala Christian St. Thomas day and Christmas celebrations and community events such as Markham Music Festival.

The last Sunday in the month of May of each year is celebrated as Sacred Music day. During the worship service the importance of music is emphasized.  Most of the lay leadership functions of the worship service of that day are performed by the Choir members.

Please contact the following for further details 

Reuben Alexander

Choir Leader (English)


Dr. Bapu Cherian

Choir Leader (Malayalam)


Nikki Anne George

Assistant Choir Leader (English)


Andrew Alexander

Assistant Choir Leader (Malayalam)


Johnson Zachariah



Sunil Sam Koshy



Mary Kuriakose

Committee Member


Sherly Mathews

Committee Member


Tiji Lukose

Committee Member


Joann George

Committee Member


Kurien Joseph

Committee Member