House to House Carols-Schedule

DateAreaRoute Map
Nov 11 – SatArea 7Route Map Area 7
Nov 12 – SunArea 1Route Map Area 1
Nov 19 – SunArea 3Route Map Area 3
Nov 25 – SatArea 6Route Map Area 6
Dec 2 – SatArea 1Route Map Area 1
Dec 3 – SunArea 2Route Map Area 2
Dec 9  – SatArea 5Route Map Area 5
Dec 10  – SunArea 4Route Map Area 4
  1. The Route map for each day of the carols will be provided in the format of a PDF file (a) (to be send at least 2 days before the schedule as received / and reviewed from / with Area reps)
  2. In the above schedule, the 3rd column (Route Map) for each day will be a hyperlink, on clicking of which, it will open up that given days PDF file (a)  (i.e. Route map)