August 13,2023

 1.               Next Sunday, August 20th we will have Holy Communion service in Malayalam at 10:00 am.

2.               Sunday School Announcement


We are pleased to announce that the Sunday School Diocesan Exam 2023 results have been received.  

By God's grace, 31 students from our Parish wrote the exam. 17 students secured 'A' Grade (90% and above),  6 students secured 'B' Grade (80% and above) and 3 students secured 'C' Grade (70% and above). Congratulations to all our Sunday School students and thank you to our Sunday School teachers and parents for encouraging them.

On behalf of Sunday School, Elizabeth V. Thomas, Sunday School Superintendent.


3.                                   Area Prayer Meeting

Sunday, August 13th - 5 pm


Area- 6

 prayer meeting

At the Residence of Thomas idicula & Saramma Thomas.


4.               Fasting Prayer will be held on Wednesday, August 16th  at 10:30 am via Google Meet.

5.               Edavaka Mission Prayer Meeting


The weekly Edavaka Mission prayer meeting will take place online via Google Meet on Friday, August 18th  at 8 pm.  Please attend the meeting prayerfully.

6.               Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship East Canada Center Inauguration and Retreat notice

7.               Seniors Fellowship picnic was held on Thursday, August 10th at our Church. Thanks to all participants and volunteers for making this picnic a memorable one for all.

From Mariamma Edichandy, Seniors’ Fellowship secretary. 


8.               The Onam Sadhya  will be served to all the registrants soon after the service in the basement.

9.               Parish Picnic registration will be closing by today. Free Parking tickets will be distributed at Church on the following days:

Today  - After Service,

 Saturday August 19 -  9.30 AM to 10.30 AM.(on demand)

 Sunday  August 20 - After service .

Only Printed parking tickets will be accepted by the Park authorities. Church will not be reimbursing the Parking fee (Approximately $7 per person) if you pay directly at the gate. Parking tickets will not be issued on the day of picnic.

 If any questions or concerns please contact Baiju Thomas or registration coordinators Praveen Thomas or Deepak Sam.


10.           Area-2 Prayer group provided assistance in Today’s service. Thanks to the prayer group members for your support extended today.


11.           KCEF Quiz and Basketball Tournament Announcement.