April 17,2022

Announcements for April  17th , 2022

1.     Next Sunday, April 24th ,we will have Holy Communion service in English  at  

           10:00 am.

           The service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

2.     A gentle reminder about mask requirements

Wearing of masks is mandatory within the church premises during the services.

3.     Good Friday collections

We are collecting the below 3 contributions on Good Friday. You can hand over the contributions to your area representatives, trustees or by e-transfer to treasurer@marthoma.ca


1.Recessa (2 CAD per Adult)


2.Self Denial.


3.Canadian Mar Thoma  Regional Committee Collection (10 CAD  per family)



However as per the current FCRA regulations in India and in accordance with circular received from the Metropolitan, Good Friday offertory collected cannot be transferred to Santhi Mandiram,Sihora through our church account.


Those who wish to contribute to Santhi Mandiram,Sihora ,can do so directly to Santhi Mandiram on a personal basis.


The Good Friday offertory received will be used for local charity purposes


4.     DC 180 2022 -Annual GB minutes - Canadian MTC Toronto

Approval of Annual report and budget.

5.     Senior Fellowship Announcement

A special Holy Communion service for seniors is scheduled on April 21st, Thursday at 10 am. All seniors are requested to attend prayerfully.

6.     Sunday School announcement


Being Easter Sunday, there will be no Sunday School classes today. Classes will resume the following week.


Sunday school wishes all a Happy Easter!


From Joel Thomson, Sunday School Secretary.


7.     Edavaka Mission Announcement


1)Edavaka mission regular weekly prayer will be start from Friday April 22 at 8.00PM through Google meet.


2)Chain prayer will be on Saturday 6.00 Am to 6.00 pm


Thank you Note from the Edavaka Mission Secretary: 


Please draw the attention of the congregation to the screens to see names of members who have been part of the Lenten Devotional series and names of members who delivered sermons on lent prayer meetings held at the church. 


Thank the leadership of Rev. T S Thomas, Rev. Sunil Chacko and Rev. Roji Mathews Abraham. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to: 


Members who devoted their time, thoughtfully prepared the meditations, and presented inspiring Lenten devotional series,  


Members who delivered powerful thought-provoking messages.  These messages will not return empty but will accomplish the purpose of God. 


Members who assisted with the bible readings, prayers after the sermons, and assisted Achens/Lay leaders during the 40 days of lent.  


And please note, most of them were new members, some who were doing it for the very first time.  We reached out to approximately 90-100 families for devotions, sermons, bible readings and to assist in the Lenten meetings at the church.  May God bless them all for their willingness and availability.   


Special thanks to Joshua John, who was there every single day at the church at 7:30 pm to set up live streaming and assist with tech and logistics and acknowledge Jerril George Varghese, a new member of our church, for his efforts in bringing the devotional messages to the members every morning by editing and mixing the raw audio recordings received from members.  


Thanks to the Secretary Robin V Thomas who would then post them on our Church WhatsApp group and Facebook page.   


Thank the Area prayer Group Reps and Sub-organizational heads for their work to make this a great blessing for everyone.   Acknowledge every member, who showed up at the church in person and also to members who tuned into YouTube, for the Lenten prayer meetings.  We had a considerable amount of viewership on the day of and days following it.  Last but not the least, our sincere gratitude to the EM committee for their wholehearted support!  May God bless us all!  


Itty Thomas , Edavaka Mission Secretary  



8.     Youth announcement

The Youth Lenten Retreat held on Saturday, April 16th at The Canadian Mar Thoma Church was a great success! We had a huge turnout with about 40 registrants despite the short notice. Our speaker, Rev. Jeswin John delivered a lenten-themed meditation on the importance of prayer, based on the book of Lamentations. Achen's thought-provoking talk allowed for engaging discussions led by our senior youth. The youth fellowship especially thanks the parents who encouraged your children to attend, as well as everyone who worked behind the scenes tirelessly to make this retreat a reality. 

From Anjana Regi Alex,Youth Secretary



9.      CSI Church Toronto presents on their  35th Anniversary a “Virtual Musical Night” with HeartBeats on April 23rd 8:30 PM.All are invited to join the live stream.



10. If your address is getting changed, please send an email to secretary@marthoma.ca with the latest address to update the same in the system.

11.New comers who wish to take church membership can get application forms from the office.

12.Pick copies of Bible reading planner and offertory envelopes from the foyer.


13. Thank you


Thank you Dr.T.S.Thomas Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and to Mr.Cherian Abraham for a  meaningful sermon.


Thank you all once again. Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead !!