April 10,2022

 Announcements for April  10th , 2022

1.                 We are entering the passion week and the schedule of passion week services are as below.

Date & Time

Service / Program Details

From tomorrow, April 11- April 13 Wednesday,2022 @7:30 pm

Sandhya Namaskaram service at church (Monday-Wednesday) led by T.S.Thomas Achen.



April 14,2022 @7:30 pm

Maundy Thursday - Holy Communion service in Malayalam

April 15,2022 @ 9 am

Good Friday services - Part 1 & 3 - Malayalam.

                                      -  Part 2- English.


April 17,2022 @ 9:30 am

Easter Sunday- Holy Communion service in English


2.     Good Friday collections(Circular 49,50,51)

We are collecting the below 3 contributions on Good Friday. You can hand over the contributions to your area representatives, trustees or by e-transfer to treasurer@marthoma.ca


1.Recessa (2 CAD per Adult)


2.Self Denial.


3.Canadian Mar Thoma  Regional Committee Collection (10 CAD  per family)


As per latest Kalpana (referring Kalpana No:50 and 51)


The Good Friday offertory of our parish is assigned to Santhi Mandiram, Sihora .


However as per the current FCRA regulations in India and in accordance with circular received from the Metropolitan, Good Friday offertory collected cannot be transferred to Santhi Mandiram,Sihora through our church account.


Those who wish to contribute to Santhi Mandiram,Sihora ,can do so directly to Santhi Mandiram on a personal basis.


The Good Friday offertory received will be used for local charity purposes.


3.  Since the beginning of great lent, we had Lent prayer meetings at church under the leadership of Edavaka Mission  on Tuesdays, Friday’s and Saturdays till mid lent and thereafter, every day except Sunday’s and yesterday was the last day of the prayer meeting which ended with fellowship meal served for all attendees. The prayer meetings were coordinated by Edavaka Mission with great support from all sub organizations and area prayer group members.

Special thanks to T.S.Thomas Achen for leading the services on Saturday’s and to Mr.Itty Thomas,Edavaka Mission Secretary for all your great efforts  in organizing these prayer meetings successfully by arranging the needed resources every day and to Mr.Joshua John for your dedicated efforts in providing the tech support on all  these days and to Mr. Jeril George Varghese for your great efforts in editing the audio devotional messages delivered by our members on a daily basis in the desired format.

Once again thanks to all members who supported in various ways in the smooth conduct of this year’s Lent prayer meetings and may God bless all for your efforts.

4.                 Edavaka mission Announcement.


1.                 Next week,chain prayer will be held on Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

From Itty Thomas, Edavaka mission secretary.


5.                 Fasting prayer will be held on Wednesday, April 13th @10:30 am virtually using Google meet.


6.                 Senior Fellowship Announcement

A special Holy Communion service for seniors is scheduled on April 21st, Thursday at 10 am. All seniors are requested to attend prayerfully.

7.                 Easter recital worship announcement


8.                 Youth Fellowship Announcement


The Youth Fellowship cordially invites you all to attend our first-ever Lenten Retreat to be held on Saturday, April 16th from 9 am- 1 pm at The Canadian Mar Thoma Church. The keynote address will be delivered by Rev. Jeswin John, the vicar of St. Johns Mar Thoma Church Michigan. If you are 13 and above, our youth executive team will approach you after service to confirm your registration. We especially welcome all the newcomers who are excited to be involved in youth initiatives this year! Join us for a thought provoking session to meditate on the theme of Christ's death and resurrection, as a youth group.
COVID health protocols will remain in place in order to keep everyone safe.

from Anjana Regi Alex,Youth Fellowship Secretary


9.                 A gentle reminder about mask requirements

Wearing of mask is mandatory for all within the church premises.


10.             Thank you


Thank you Dr.T.S.Thomas Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and for a meaningful sermon. (Theme : Hosanna - “Lord Save Us”.