December 12,2021

  Announcements for Sunday December 12, 2021

Good Afternoon, Welcome to all attending this service in-person and online.

1.     Next Sunday, December 19th, we will have Holy Communion service in Malayalam at 10 AM.

Online registration for in-person attendance is open for all members, families with kids and guests. The google form will be online from tomorrow 7 pm and will close by December 18th,9 am.

If you have any difficulty in filling the form, or to know if there are cancellations, please reach out to by email or phone.

The service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

2.     Markham Stouffville Hospital(MSH) Charity project

Our collections for supporting the infrastructure needs of Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) are progressing well. Thanks to all those who generously contributed to this initiative already and we request those who are yet to donate to send in your donations at the earliest. Your donations are eligible for tax receipts.

The last date for your donation is Sunday, December 26th.


You can send in your donations as cheques or e-transfers to Please mention MSH charity or charity donation in the memo. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to call me or our trustees Alexander V.John or Manoj Kompithra.


3.     CMTC Food Bank Charity Drive

During this Christmas season and time of giving, Our church is organizing a charity food drive starting today. You can donate non-perishable food items having an expiry over 6 months in the food collection bins kept in the foyer. The list of items that you can donate is also placed near the bin for your reference. Once the bin is full, we will deliver it to the Markham Food Bank.




4.     CMTC  Christmas Carol Service

We are organizing our church Christmas Carol Service on Saturday,December, 18th from 5:30 PM in church. All members and guests are invited to attend this year’s Christmas Carol service in-person which will be  filled with carol songs and various programs from the sub organizations. Rev.Thomas K.Mathew,Youth Chaplain, Philadelphia will deliver the message.

Separate google form will be send on Monday and all are requested to fill that form to attend the Carol service along with your family members.


5.      CMRC Announcements

1.        CMRC Christmas program 2021

CMRC Christmas program will be held on Wednesday, December 29, at 8:30PM EST. Rt. Rev. Dr Isaac Mar Philoxenos, Diocesan Bishop and President, CMRC will deliver the Christmas message. A YouTube link will be shared closer to the program date.

2.        CMRC Light to Life Christmas appeal letter



6.     House to Carols

Yesterday, was the last day of the Carols. Members from Area Prayer Groups 1 & 3 and members from other areas also participated in the Carols. Thanks to Johnson Jacob/Reji Alexander and Binu Thomas for coordinating yesterday’s programs.

We hope this year’s in-person Carols gave a great opportunity for the area prayer group members to meet together and to renew and enjoy the fellowship of christmas.


George Mathew Madackal,Thomas Baby & Arun Reji Alex were the H2H Carolling Coordinators for this year and they did a wonderful job in selecting the songs and coordinating the carol groups and events. Thanks to all the area prayer representatives for the coordination done with your area members to ensure in-person participation.

Thanks to all members who sponsored food for the Carols on various days.


Thanks to Joseph Chacko Achen and Roji Achen for giving messages during the Carols.

The Christmas donations collections are going on. You can do Interac e-transfers to or hand over cheques to the Trustees during these days.


7.     Senior fellowship announcement

Thank you Note from Mathew C Samuel, Senior Fellowship Co-coordinator. 


We are thankful to God Almighty for giving the Senior’s Fellowship the ability to gather on Dec.9th at our church for Holy Communion, lunch and Christmas get together. We would like to  thank Rev. Joseph Chacko for conducting the Holy Communion service and participating in the christmas program along with Rose Kochamma.   


We would like to thank Mr. George Chandy and Dr. Usha George for providing lunch, Mr. Cherian Samuel and Mariamma Samuel for providing desert and Mr. George Mathew & Mercy Mathew for bringing the Christmas cake.  


We express our sincere thanks to our Christmas program coordinator Mrs. Betty John for writing the script and directing the skit as well as Mrs. Omana Joseph for assisting. Also thank you to all the  56 participants.  


Our sincere thanks go to the committee members and other church members for coming out and helping in many ways.   

From  Mathew C.Samuel, Senior fellowship coordinator


8.       Bible Society of India Collections

As in the past, we are doing the collections for the Bible Society of India. Those who wish to donate, please contact Mr. Tom C Thomas, Mr. Thomas P John, Mr. Samuel Pappy or Mr. Mathew C Samuel. 

Thank you for your co-operation.


 From Mr. Mathew C Samuel, Committee member for Bible Society 


9.     Edavaka mission Announcement


1.  On Tuesday, December 14th and Friday, December 17th  - weekly prayer meeting  

            held  @ 8 pm virtually using google meet.

2.  Chain prayer held every Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

     From Itty Thomas, Edavaka mission secretary.


10.Fasting prayer will be held on Wednesday, December 15th @10:30 am virtually using Google meet.

11.       Sevika Sanghom  Announcement

The monthly prayer meeting by the Sevika Sanghom will be conducted virtually through google meet on Thursday December 16th @ 8:00 pm


All Sevika Sanghom members are requested to attend this prayer meeting.


Thank you Note from Sevika Sanghom Secretary


On behalf of Sevika Sanghom, I would like to especially thank everyone for the grand success of our MIND initiative, the sandwich meal program carried out to feed the homeless shelter selected. Initially, we planned the initiative to be carried out from June 14 to October 31st but due to surplus funds, we were able to carry it forward till November 16, 2021. We were able to deliver meals on all Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays from June 14 till November 16 by God's grace. A special thanks to all of our members who actively participated by giving monetary funds and delivering the sandwiches as well to the location. A special word of appreciation to all the program coordinators of this initiative, sevika sanghom committee members and each and everyone who supported this program with their donations, participation and prayers.

From Shanti Sonu Jojo, Sevika Sanghom Secretary


12.Yuvajana Sakhyam Announcement

Christmas cake sale - Dec 2021

Yuvajana Sakhyam would like to conduct the Christmas cake sale this year on Dec 18th , 19th , 25th  and 26th  after the Holy Communion service in church. Each cake costs $15 and will be distributed on the dates mentioned above. Kindly participate in this sale as the money received will be used for the medical expenses of a needy person suffering from a life-threatening condition. All interested in participating in this sale, please inform the Yuvajana Sakhyam office bearers.

From Jojo George Mathew, Secretary, Yuvajana Sakhyam Secretary


13. Thank you  

Thank you Joseph Chacko Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and to Mr.Thomas Chacko for the meaningful sermon.


Thanks once again to all of you for attending today’s service in-person and online.


Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead !! Thank you.