November 7,2021

 Announcements for Sunday November 7, 2021

Good Afternoon, Welcome to all attending this service in-person and online.

1.     DC 363 2021- Diocesan Kalpana authorizing Rev.Joseph Chacko to conduct church elections.


2.     Next Sunday, November 14th, we will have Holy Communion service in English at 10 AM.

Online registration for in-person attendance is open for all members, families with kids and guests. The google form will be online from tomorrow 7 pm.The form will be available for registration till November 13th ,9 am. If you have any difficulty in filling the form, please let me know for assistance.

The service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

3.     House to Carols

Our House to House Carolling is scheduled to start from next Saturday, November 13th.

Due to the pandemic, this year we are hosting House-to-House carolling at our church by area prayer groups on the following dates. Please mark your calender accordingly.


    1) Area Prayer Group 2, 6 & 7 - Nov 13 (Sat, 5:30PM)


    2) Area Prayer Group 5 - Nov 27 (Sat, 5:30PM)


    3) Area Prayer Group 4 - Dec 04 (Sat, 5:30PM)


    4) Area Prayer Group 1 & 3 - Dec 11 (Sat, 5:30PM)


If any of our members and their family would like to perform (Christmas theme based solo, duet, instruments, etc) in the carols, kindly inform your area representative in advance to include the same, subject to the time availability).

- A separate zoom link will be shared for those who cannot attend the in-person carolling fellowship.

- Food will be served to all members attending the carols in church. So please confirm your attendance to your area representatives in advance in order for us to do the necessary arrangements.


- Christmas donations will be accepted during these carol sessions. You can also do Interac e-transfers to

Please contact your area prayer group representatives for any further information and to confirm your attendance.

From George Mathew Madackal,Thomas Baby & Arun Reji Alex, H2H Carolling Coordinators 


4.     Christmas Tree decoration


We are putting up the Christmas tree in the foyer today after the service under the leadership of The Christmas Carols service Committee and the House to House Carols Committee. If you wish to join the decorations activities, we welcome you and request you to stay back for an hour after the service to complete the decorations.


5.     Parish Day

The Canadian Mar Thoma Church will celebrate The Parish Day on Sunday,November 21st. The Parish Day meeting will start immediately after the Holy Communion service.

We welcome all church members and guests to attend the Holy Communion service and the Parish Day meeting along with your family.

Parish Day offertory will be collected during the service. Please use your special Parish Day Offertory envelope or use the regular offertory envelope and mention “Parish Day Offertory”. You can also e-transfer your Parish Day contributions @ and mention “Parish Day Offertory” in the Memo.


We request you all to contribute generously towards the Parish Day offertory.

Fellowship lunch will also be arranged for all the in-person attendees.

From Mr.Biji.V.Thomas, Parish Day Convener


6.     CMRC hire notice






7.     Edavaka mission Announcement


1.  On Tuesday, November 9th and Friday, November 12th - weekly prayer meeting  

            held  @ 8 pm virtually using google meet.

2.  Chain prayer held every Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

     From Itty Thomas, Edavaka mission secretary.


8.     Fasting prayer will be held on Wednesday, November 10th @10:30 am virtually using Google meet.

9.     Area Prayer Meetings

1.   An Area - 5 prayer meeting is scheduled on November 14th at 6pm via Google meet.

All respective area prayer group members are requested to attend this meeting prayerfully.

From John Chacko, Area Prayer group - 5 representative.

2.   An Area - 3 prayer meeting is scheduled on November 21st at 5pm via Google meet.

 From Binu  Mathew, Area Prayer group - 3 representative.


10. Youth fellowship Announcement


A Youth fellowship prayer meeting will be held today in the sanctuary soon after the Holy Communion service. The talk session is led by  Mr.Sajo George. We also request all Youth Fellowship members to stay afterwards to help set up the Christmas tree in the foyer.


From Arun Regi Alex,Youth Fellowship Secretary


11. Besora (will be published in the notice board)


12.Sunday School Announcement

Today there will not be any Sunday School classes due the World Sunday School Day services in church.

From Tom C Thomas, Sunday School Secretary


13.       CMTC Seniors meeting via Zoom @ 10:30 am on Nov 11th.

Speaker:  Rev. George Mathew (former CMTC Vicar).


14. Thank you


Thank you Joseph Chacko Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service.


Today we celebrated as World Sunday school Day and our Sunday school students actively participated and assisted in the Worship services today.


Let me take this opportunity to thank all School teachers, and all the Sunday school office bearers (both former and current) for your dedicated service and to all Sunday school students for your interests in studying the Word of God and Walking in His Path.


Thanks to Jonathan Mathew for delivering a meaningful sermon today.


Sunday school have arranged snack packets for all in-person attendees in the foyer. Please collect them after the service. Thanks to the Sunday school for organising this today.


The Diocesan certificates for students will be distributed after the announcements.


Thanks once again to all of you for attending today’s service in-person and online.



Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead !! Thank you.