August 22,2021

  Announcements for Sunday August 22, 2021


1.               Happy Onam


2.                 Next Sunday, August 29th, we will have Holy Communion service in Malayalam at 10 AM.

Online registration for in-person attendance is open for all members, families with kids and guests. The google form will be online from tomorrow 7 pm. If you have any difficulty in filling the form, please let me know for assistance.

The service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

3.                 Virtual House Visit

Area-2 prayer group members are requested to continue taking time slots for your families 1-on-1 session with Roji Achen.Please contact your area representative Mr.Thomas Baby for confirming your slots.

4.                 Harvest Festival 2021

Next Sunday, August 29th, we are organizing our Harvest Festival, after the church service.

We welcome all members, families, children, and guests to attend this family event in-person. Free lunch will also be served for all the in-person attendees.

We request your  active participation by donating homegrown vegetables, plants, home made snacks, paintings or any brand new items and by participating in the talent shows and auctions.

If you don’t have any items for donation, you can also donate generously by cheque or by e-transfer to and include “Harvest Festival” in the Memo.

We are also arranging a zoom session for those who are unable to attend the Harvest Festival in person that day. The participants will be accepted before the start of the event and can participate in auctions and talent shows. The link will be shared in the Weekly schedule.


We are accepting non-perishable items from today. You can hand over the items to the Harvest Festival coordinators Itty Thomas or Johnson Jacob.


Please contact your area representatives before Saturday (28th August) to schedule pickup of items if you are unable to attend the program next Sunday.


 Area reps will also assist to deliver the items confirmed in online auction to respective members.


To know more about participating in talent shows and Harvest festival arrangements, please contact the Harvest festival coordinators Itty Thomas or Johnson Jacob.

5.                 Messenger Sunday  Announcement


As per Thirumeni's Kalpana, we are celebrating this Sunday, August 22nd  as Messenger Sunday. Mar Thoma Messenger is the official publication of our Diocese. Our Diocesan Bishop's vision is, one (1) messenger subscription per family. The Canadian Mar Thoma Church currently has 37 subscribers. We request everyone to take part in this initiative and we encourage you to renew your existing subscription.


Subscription Rates are:

3 years = $35.00

Life Members = $300.00


if you would like to contribute articles for the upcoming Messenger publications or for new subscriptions/renewals, please contact the Diocesan assembly members, Benny V. Joseph or George Mathew Madackal or our church secretary Robin Thomas.   


6.                 Light to Life Announcement


As you all know "Light to Life '' is a Mar Thoma mission project that aims to develop communities by supporting the educational needs of children in villages of India and in the Native American mission fields. Several Marthoma members in North America have been contributing to this noble cause by sponsoring children across India. A contribution of $25 per month is all it takes to sponsor a child. Let us use this support to increase the sponsorship from our parish. When Thirumeni first introduced this project in our church on March 8th, 2020, several members pledged their support. We would like to request these members to kindly provide the pledged amount starting September 2021. We are also looking for new sponsors. Kindly contact George Mathew Madackal and Benny Joseph for more details.


From Benny Joseph & George Mathew Madackal, Diocesan Assembly Representatives.


7.                    Edavaka mission Announcement


1.              On Tuesday, August 24th and Friday, August 27th   - weekly prayer meeting held @ 8 pm virtually using google meet.

2.              Chain prayer held every Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

From Itty Thomas, Edavaka mission secretary.


8.                 Fasting prayer  will be held on Wednesday, August 25th @10:30 am virtually using  

Google meet.

9.              Area Prayer Meeting

An Area 2 prayer group meeting will be held on today @ 6:00 pm through google meet. Roji Achen will attend this meeting. All Area 2 prayer group members are requested to attend this meeting prayerfully.

From Thomas Baby , Area 2 prayer group representative


10.         Sunday School Announcement


1.                        The Dedication service of Sunday School,University and School going students will be conducted next Sunday, August 29th, 2021 between the Holy Communion service. All students are requested to attend this service prayerfully.


2.                        Our Sunday School students performed excellently in the 2021 Diocesan exam with 17 A Grades & 8 B Grades. Congratulations to all students and thanks to all teachers and parents for your sincere efforts.


3.                       Sunday school classes for 2021 - 2022 year will be starting from 12th  September 2021.


From Tom C.Thomas,Sunday School Representative.


11.             Sevika Sanghom Announcement


1.     The monthly prayer meeting of Sevika Sanghom will be conducted virtually through google meet on August 26th, Thursday @8 pm. All Sevika Sanghom members are requested to attend this meeting prayerfully.

2.  MIND Initiative

The MIND initiative was started on June 14, 2021, and we successfully delivered meals with the effective cooperation of all the members. As we have received an adequate amount of funds for providing meals till October, we request participation from the members to come forward as volunteers in making sandwiches and dropping them off in the shelter. We are grateful for all the donations received and we now need volunteers to put this plan into action. Kindly participate and make it a huge success. Kindly contact secretary Shanti Jojo or the convenors(Mary Susan Thomson,Susan Samuel,Elizabeth Pothenor Julie Varghese) for further information.


From Shanti Jojo, Sevika Sanghom Secretary


12.                        Onam Sadhya

Those who have ordered Onam Sadhya parcels and attending the service in church  today, can collect your food packets from the counters in the foyer after the service. Remember to queue up to pick your parcels and avoid crowding in the foyer and maintain proper physical distancing.




1.                 Dr.K.Thankachan (81 yrs), brother of our member Kunjukunju Pappachan (Pappachan & Jessy, Area- 4 Prayer Group) and cousin of our member Dr.Philip George (Dr.Philip & Chitra, Area- 6 Prayer Group) passed away in Kerala on August 16th @ 2am Indian time. He was a member of Bethany Mar Thoma church, Channapetta.

            The funeral was held on August 19th.          


2.                 Mrs.Sosamma Oommen (66 yrs), mother of our member and Parish Accountant Manoj Kompithra (Manoj & Parul, Area Prayer group-5), in Kerala on August 17th.

The  funeral was held at Immanuel Mar Thoma church, Eraviperoor on Thursday, August 19th .


We, the CMTC family, express our deepest condolences and prayers. Please keep the bereaved families in our prayers.




3.                 Thank you Joseph Chacko Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and for a meaning message.Thank you all for attending today’s Holy Communion service service in-person and online.


Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead!! Thank you.