July 4,2021

 Announcements for Sunday July 4, 2021


1.                    Next Sunday, July 11th, we will have Holy Communion service in English at 10 AM.

Registration for in-person attendance is open for all area prayer groups starting tomorrow @ 7 pm.

All successful registrants will receive confirmation email by Saturday 12 pm.

This service is also live streamed on our YouTube Channel.

2.                    MTVEA(Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists Association) DIOCESE of North America and Europe --NIGHT OF PRAYER  (Display flier)

The Monthly Prayer Meeting of MTVEA Diocese of North America and Europe will be held on July 5th   Monday At  8.30 pm EST  by Zoom.


Message delivered by Rev. Thomas Mathew.(St. Louis MTC)


Our church is leading the intercessory prayer session. Email with zoom link details will be shared later today. All are requested to join this Prayer Meeting prayerfully.


From Sam Alex, Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists Association Secretary.


3.                 KCEF Virtual St.Thomas Day Celebration Announcement

Kerala Christian Ecumenical Fellowship Toronto is organizing St.Thomas Day Virtual Celebrations on Saturday July 17th from 6 PM. The YouTube link to watch the program will be shared later.

From Alexander P.Alexander, KCEF  Secretary.


4.                    Edavaka mission Announcement


1.              On Tuesday, July 6th and Friday, July 9th  - weekly prayer meeting held @ 8 pm virtually using google meet.

2.              Chain prayer held every Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

From Itty Thomas, Edavaka mission secretary.




5.                 Fasting prayer  will be held on Wednesday, July 7th @10:30 am virtually using  

Google meet.


6.                    Area Prayer Meetings


Area -1 prayer meeting is scheduled via google meet on Sunday, July 11th @ 6 pm. All members in this area prayer group are requested to attend prayerfully.


 From Reji Alexander, Area -1 prayer Representative.


7.                    Yuvajana Sakhyam Announcement


This is to inform you of a new venture put forth by the Yuvajana Sakhyam. In an effort to bring forth the literary talents amongst us, we are launching an e-magazine. We are now inviting parish members to kindly contribute short stories, poems, essays or drawings/artworks to be included in the publication - both in English and Malayalam.

Submissions are also open for designing the cover page. Please send in your entries latest by July 31st  to rachelninan@hotmail.com for consideration. Please contact the Magazine Convenors  Rachel Ninan and Arun Regi Alex for further details.

From Jojo George Mathew, Yuvajana Sakhyam Secretary.


8.                    Youth Fellowship Announcement


A youth fellowship prayer meeting is scheduled for today at 3pm over Zoom. Pravin Chacko will lead the talk session.All youth fellowship members are requested to attend this meeting.

From Arun Regi Alex, Youth Fellowship Secretary.


9.           Merit Award 2020


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Diocese was not able to present the merit awards to the graduates of the year 2020. So this year, the merit award subcommittee has decided to consider 2020 graduates also for the merit award. If there are any 2020 graduates from our  parish who meet the award criteria ,please submit the application on or before Wednesday, July 7th, 2021.The email with the application form was already circulated to the members.


10.         Obituary


Our former member Mr. George Thomas Vadakethu (Sushiel) (74), passed away in Brampton on June 29th. Funeral services were held at St.Mathew’s Mar Thoma church,Milton yesterday.


We, the CMTC family, express our heartfelt condolences and prayers. Please keep the bereaved family in our prayers. 


11.         Reuben Alexander & Andrew Alexander donated their piano to our church before moving to US.CMTC express our sincere thanks to both of them and their family for this donation.


12.         The electronic copy of Quarterly Bulletin was sent on July 1st .If anyone didn’t get it, please reach out to me and I can forward you the bulletin.


13.      Thank you Joseph Chacko Achen for leading today’s Holy Communion service and delivering the sermon and to you all for attending this service in-person and online.


Stay safe and have a blessed week ahead!! Thank you.