February 7th , 2021

 Announcements for Sunday February 07th. 2021

1.     Circular no.9, Medical Mission Sunday.

2.     Next Sunday, February 14th, 2021 we will have holy communion at 10am in Malayalam. Due to the current escalation of the pandemic situation and the restrictions announced by the provincial government the executive committee of our parish decided to limit the in-person participation in the service to 10 numbers until further notice.

3.              The weekly prayer meetings will be on Tuesday and Friday. Rev. Aju Abraham, the diocesan secretary of NAE diocese will be the main speaker for Friday, February 12th. There will be a fasting prayer on Wednesday February 10th at 10.30AM via google meet. The details will send via email. The chain prayer is scheduled on Saturday and request you all to participate prayerfully.

4.             Senior fellowship meeting: We will be having our senior fellowship meeting on this Thursday February 11th at 5PM via zoom. Mr. Skaria Alexander will lead the session based on the theme: Cyberspace- Threats& Trends. This will be followed by a Q&A session. All those who are interested may please participate as this will be a useful and practical session. Open for all.

5.             Choir General Body Meeting: The Canadian Mar Thoma Choir having a virtual General Body meeting by Zoom meeting on 7th February 2021 immediately after the Sunday Service to transact the following Agenda Items.

Agenda of the Meeting

1.     To present and approve the annual report for the year 2020

2.     To present and approve the audited Income and Expenditure statement for   the year 2020

3.     To present and approve the Budget for the year 2021

4.     Election of the following Office bears, Auditor and Committee members



                        Choir Leader

              Assistant choir Leaders (2)

              Committee Members (6)   

              Auditor (1)

5. AOB.            Alexander P. Alexander (Secretary)


6.     Teachers fellowship: The teachers fellowship of our Sunday School will be held on February 7th, 2021 at 3:00 pm, virtually via zoom. All Sunday School teachers are requested to be present.


The agenda will include the following:

1.  Present and approve the annual Sunday School report for the year 2020

2.  Present and approve the income and expenditure statement for the year 2020

3.  Present and approve the budget for the year 2021

4.  Election of Sunday School office bearers 

     a. Secretary

     b. Treasurer

     c.  Auditor (1)

5.  AOB.                      Remya Thomson (Secretary)

7.      Annual General Body Meeting of Sevika Sanghom 2020

There will be an annual general body meeting 2020 of the Sevika Sanghom on Sunday, Feb 7th, 2021 at 7 pm via Zoom to transact the below agenda:


1.     To present and approve the annual report of Sevika Sanghom for the year 2020

2.     To present and approve the audited income and expenditure of Sevika Sanghom for the year 2020

3.      To approve the expense without budget

4.      To present the auditor’s report

5.      To present and approve the budget of Sevika Sanghom for the year 2021

6.      To elect the committee members of Sevika Sanghom for the year 2021-posts mentioned below:

1.  Vice-president for the year 2021

2.  Secretary for the year 2021

3. Trustee for the year 2021

              4.  Auditor for the year 2021 (1)

 5. Committee members representing each of the 7 prayer groups

         7.   Any other business with the permission of the Chair

Lini Mathew (Sevika Sanghom Secretary)

8.     Annual General Body Meeting of Yuvajana Sakhyam 2020: There will be an annual general body meeting of Yuvajana Sakhyam on Sunday, February 7th at 5pm via Zoom / Google Meet. Our vicar Rev. Sunil Mathew will preside over the meeting.          Agenda:

1)To present and approve the annual report of Yuvajana Sakhyam for the year 2020

2)To present and approve the Audited Income and Expenditure Statement of Yuvajana Sakhyam for the year 2020

3)To present auditor’s report

4)To present and approve the budget of Yuvajana Sakhyam for the year 2021

5)To Write off the Bad Debts of Kalasandhya for $1,050

6)To elect the office bearers and committee members of Yuvajana Sakhyam for the year 2021-posts mentioned below:

                          1- Vice-president for the year 2021

                          2-Secretary for the year 2021

                          3-Joint Secretary for the year 2021

                          4- Treasurer for the year 2021

                          5- auditor for the year 2021(1)

                          6- Committee members - 7no’s 

7. AOB. Shiju Mathew (Secretary)

9.     Lent prayer meetings: As we are near to the great lent season, this year also our Edavaka mission would like to conduct lent prayer meetings based on the theme Power of the Cross (1corinthians 1:18). This year due to the COVID protocols we will conduct our lent meetings virtually on every Friday and Saturday from February 19th onwards and will move to be in everyday from March 10th (Mid lent). Those who lead the service might gather in the sanctuary with restricted number by following the COVID protocols. Those who are interested to give sermons during that meeting please contact Mr. Itty Thomas or Mr. Alexander Philip. Due to the prayer meeting on Saturday’s, we would like to reschedule the chain prayer timings from morning 6 to evening 6. Please sign up the new form which will send by our Edavaka Mission Secretary. Edavaka Mission is also initiating a 5-minute audio clip of a short meditation and prayer by the members of each sub organisation to be shared every day. Each sub organisation will be given a week. Request the cooperation of all sub organisations.