Sunday December 8th, 2019


Circular No. 351 (Re Sabha PrathinidhiMandalam)

Circular No. 352 (Re. Sabha Tharaka)

DC/483/2019 (Sabha PrathinidhiMandalam)

DC/484/2019 (Diocesan Assembly)

Approved minutes of the meeting held November 24, 2019


Announcements for Sunday, December 08, 2019


Holy Communion Service for the week:

Next Sunday, December 15, Holy Communion Service inMalayalam@ 10 am.Sunday school begins at 9 am.


Holy Communion Services for the upcoming weeks!

Please note, Christmas Day Holy Communion Service will be in English at 10 am.

Watch Night Service on December 31 will be in Malayalam at 9:30 pm.


Church Photo Directory:

Church Photo Directory is being given to all who have been photographed by IPC and those who have submitted electronic pictures to be included in the directory.  If you were photographed by IPC, you will receive a copy of the directory for FREE.  For those who have submitted electronic photographs, may collect a copy at the cost price of $20.


For those who have not participated in this venture and have not submitted electronic pictures and wish to have a copy of the directory may please let us know to place an order with IPC for reprints and will be made available at the cost price.  For reprints, IPC needs a minimum count of 25.  



A friendly reminder to click the link in the email sent to all, and please complete the required information.  In addition, you are encouraged to support this project by placing an advertisement in the Diocesan Directory.  Please let Alexander P Alexanderknow, if you wish to place an advertisement in the Directory.  

The rates and tariff for advertisements are posted on the notice board. 

Sunday School Announcements:

·        Sunday school students and teachers are requested to assemble in the Seniors room for the Christmas Carol Service practice soon after the Holy Communion Service. 


SevikaSangham Announcements:

SevikaSangam cordially invites you for a fellowship Dinner on Saturday,December 28th at 5.30pm.Tickets will be available in the foyer soon after the Holy Communion Service.  This invitation is extended to all and not just for SevikaSangham members.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.Also, if you have still not contributed towards SevikaSangham subscriptions for this year, please do so, at your earliest convenience, to one of the SevikaSangham committee members.  


Seniors Fellowship Announcement:

Seniors Fellowship meeting and Christmas lunch will take place on Thursday, December 12.  For those who wish to attend and are not in the WhatsApp group may please contact Seniors Fellowship Coordinator, Mathew C Samuel. 


Fasting Prayer:

Fasting Prayer at the church on Wednesday, December 11 at 10 am. 


From the Coordinators of House 2 House Carolling:

A big thank you to members who have opened their homes and have welcomed us in and also, special thanks to all who have taken their time to join in House to House carolling.This afternoon, December 8, H2H carolling will take place in Area 6 and will begin at the residence of Santhosh Varghese (Santhosh & Julie) at 2:30 pm.  Next Friday, Dec 13, H2H carolling will take place in Area 4 and begin at the residence of Jobson Easow (Jobson &Indu) at 7 pm.  Saturday, Dec 14, H2H carolling will take place in Area 5 and begin at the residence of Alexander John (Jiji & Suni) at 2 pm.  Sunday, Dec 15, H2H carolling will take place in Area 4 and will begin at the residence of Biji V Thomas (Biji&Suja) at 2 pm.For updates, please visit our website. 


Christmas Toy and Food Drive:

Bins and barrels look dry and empty.  Please contribute towards this good cause generously.  Toy and Food Drive is open to all, not just limited to Sunday School Children.  Bins and barrels will remain near the Christmas Tree until Sunday, December 15. 


Whitchurch-Stouffville Santa Claus Parade:

The Whitchurch Stouffville Santa Claus Parade took place yesterday, Saturday, December 7 from 6 pm to 8 pm.  We, the Canadian Mar Thoma Church participated in the parade.  Considered it a privilege and blessing to be part of the parade and proclaim the good news of the Lords birth to all gathered, distributing candy canes and bookmarks. 



Christmas Carol Service: 

Christmas Carol Service will take place on Saturday, December 21 at 5 pm (doors will open at 5 and program will start at 5:30 pm) come prepared to enjoy an amazing presentation O Holy Night – A Christmas Celebration brought to you by the choir and the Sunday school.  Come and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas thru the songs, play and message.


Kalasandhya 2020:

Funfilled 3-hour programon Saturday, January 4 at 5.30 PM at the Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, located at 100 Brimley Rd, Scarborough.  Please come and enjoy an evening of non-stop entertainment – singing, dancing, comedy skits and lots more by our very own talented members of our church.  Please purchase your tickets today and reserve your spot.  Tickets will be available from your YuvajanaSakhyam representatives. 

Floral and Snack Sponsorship:

We have dates open for anyone and everyone who wish to sponsor floral arrangement and/or snacks.  If you are interested, please let us know. 


Thank you and have a blessed week.