Sunday December 1st, 2019


Circular No. 350 (Re. December 21, observe as Church Day)


Announcements for Sunday, December 01, 2019


Holy Communion Services:

Next Sunday, December 8, Holy Communion Service inEnglish@ 10 am.Sunday school begins at 9 am.


Church Photo Directory:

The long-awaited church directory is finally here.  If you were photographed by IPC, you will receive a copy of the directory FREE of charge, this afternoon soon after the servicefrom Tom C Thomas and Sunita Alexander.  For those who have submitted the photograph to be included in the directory, may collect a copy at the cost price of $20 next Sunday, December 8. For those who have not participated in this venture and have not submitted their family pictures to be included in the directory and wish to have a copy of the directory may please let us know by December 8, to place an order with IPC for reprints and will be available at the cost price.  For reprints, IPC needs a minimum count of 25.  If you have questions, or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact Tom or myself. 



An email has been sent out re. Diocesan Directory.  The Diocese has requested that we collect the data for the Diocese to publish a Diocesan Directory.  So, we request you to complete the details on the google form link provided and share it with the Parish Secretary as soon as you possibly can.  If you are not comfortable using the google link, please email the details to the Secretary in an email.  Pre-Publication rates are effective till December 31st, 2019 $15.00 CDN per copy.  Copies for each parish will be printed only as per the order received by the Diocese.   From January 01, 2020 the rates will be $20.00 CDN per copy. In addition, you are encouraged to please support this project wholeheartedly by placing an advertisement in the Diocesan Directory.  The promoter for our parish is Alexander P Alexander.  Please let Alex know, if you wish to place an advertisement in the Directory.  

The rates of the Diocesan Directory and the tariff of advertisements are posted on the notice board. Back Outside Cover Page: $3000; Front Inside Cover Page: $2500; Back Inside Cover Page: $2500; Last Page in Color: $1500; First 20 Full Pages in Color: $1000; Full Page in Color: $500; Half Page in Color: $300 

Sunday School Announcements:

·        Sunday school students and teachers are requested to assemble in the Seniors room for the Christmas Carol Service practice soon after these announcements. 


SevikaSangham Announcements:

Sevikasangam is planning to arrange aDinner on Saturday,December 28th at 5.30pm.Tickets will be available for sale next Sunday. Everyone is encouraged to participate.Signed, JeenaSajan, SevikaSanghom Secretary 


Edavaka Mission Announcements:

There will be no Bible Trivia/Quiz for the month of December.  The next one will be in January 2020.


Seniors Fellowship Announcement:

Seniors Fellowship meeting and Christmas lunch will take place on Thursday, December 12.  For those who wish to attend and are not in the WhatsApp group may please contact Seniors Fellowship Coordinator, Mathew C Samuel. 


Fasting Prayer:

Fasting Prayer at the church on Wednesday, December 4 at 10 am. 


From the Coordinators of House 2 House Carolling:


H2H carolling is going on so well, and carollers are enjoying their visits to each home, sharing in the love &joy of Christmas.  If your house is not scheduled for a visit, please call your respective area representatives to let them know.  This afternoon, House 2 House Carolling will begin at the residence of Thomas Idiculla (Regi & Molly)Area 5 at 2:00 pm.  Next Friday, Dec 6, there may be H2H carolling.  Check website for updates.  Please note, no H2H carolling on Saturday, Dec 7, due to the Santa Claus parade.  Next Sunday, Dec 8, it will begin at the residence of Santhosh Varghese (Santhosh & Julie) at 2:30 pm.  For route maps and updates, please visit our website. 


Christmas Toy and Food Drive:

Toy and Food Drive is open to all, not just limited to Sunday School Children.  So, please contribute towards the same.  Barrels and bins are placed in the foyer near the Christmas tree and they will remain until Sunday, December 15.  Toys and food will go to the local community in Stouffville just in time for Christmas.  As mentioned in the past weeks, please make sure the food items dropped off in the bins, must have a shelf life of more than 6 months.


Whitchurch-Stouffville Santa Claus Parade:

The Canadian Mar Thoma Church is participating and will have one of the floats in the parade.  We are a worshipping and witnessing community and let us make our presence known in the community and share in the joy of Christmas.  The Whitchurch-Stouffville Santa Claus Parade will be held on December 7th from 6 - 8 pm on Main Street in Stouffville.


Christmas Carol Service: 

Saturday, December 21 at 4:30 pm, come prepared to enjoy an amazing presentation of the choir and Sunday school children, bringing Christmas Story to its fullest through rendition of songs and play, organized and well coordinated program by our Coordinators Reuben Alexander &Ginu George.  Come and enjoy the program and experience the true meaning of Christmas. 


Invitation from Rev Anish M George Padickamannil, CSI Church Toronto:

CSI ChurchToronto cordially invites us to a special celebration of the Saviour’s birth. A traditional service of Choral music, Scripture readings and Congregational hymns featuring, “LITTLE DROP OF HEAVEN” by the Church Choir, the Youth Choir and the Children’s Choiron December 07 at 6:00 pm. Doors will be open at 5:30 pm.



It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing away of Mr. M. S. Mathews (Thankachan) - 68 years old, brother-in-law of Omana Abraham (Abraham Vadekkedath&Omana Abraham John) and dear Uncle of Elizabeth Thomas (Lizy& Santhosh) on Sunday, November 24, in Ranni, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India.  Please uphold the bereaved family in our prayers.


It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing away of Mr. P. T. Thomas (Kunjunju, 82 years), oldest Uncle of our dear member, Robin Thomas (Robin & Julie) on Wednesday, November 27 in Kerala India.  Funeral Service was held on Friday, November 29.  Please uphold the bereaved family in our prayers.

Thank you note from ViniD'sa (Daughter of John Samuel Uncle):

Dear Respected Achen and members of the congregation: On behalf of Mini, myself and our families, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and to the entire congregation for all the work and preparations that went into our dear father's funeral services last weekend. We are so grateful to the various committees who worked to ensure that the church was prepared accordingly, and for the arranging and serving of lunch for all who attended. Thank you to the choir for the beautiful songs you prepared and sang for the services, and our deepest gratitude to the technical team for organizing the live-stream and handling the technical requirements. We will be forever grateful for all the outpouring of love and sympathy that you all have expressed, and we are certain that Daddy was watching from above with joy. We thank you for all your prayers during this very difficult time. Signed ViniD'Sa.


Floral and Snack Sponsorship:

We have dates open for anyone and everyone who wish to sponsor floral arrangement and/or snacks.  If you are interested, please let us know. 


Friendly Reminder~

If you have participated in the Special Christmas Plum Cake initiative and have not made payments, please do so, soon after the service, to Alexander P Alexander.



Thank you and have a blessed week.