Sunday September 8th, 2019

 Announcements for Sunday, September 8, 2019



Next Sunday, September 15, Holy Communion Service in Malayalam @ 10 am.


Prayer Meetings:

Area 1 prayer meeting at the residence of Ron Cherian John (Ron & Lidia)on Saturday, September 14 at 6 pm.  Their address is 967 Fetchison Drive, Oshawa, ON L1K 0L2.  Phone no. 647-834-4381.


Area 1 prayer meeting at the residence of Thomas P John (Thomas & Betty) on Sunday, September 15 at 5:30 pm.  Their address is 50 Bluenose Crescent, West Hill, ON M1C 4R9.  Phone no. 416-281-1127.Please note the change in the date and time - Sunday, September 15 at 5:30 pm


Also, please note the change in the Area 3 prayer meeting,

Prayer meeting scheduled at the residence of Thomas Oommen’s house (Kunjukunju&Leelamma) as mentioned in the church quarterly bulletin has been moved from September 15 to September 22.  Please keep this change in mind and this will be announced next Sunday.


Sunday School Announcements:

Sunday school students are expected and encouraged to collect registration forms from your respective class teachers and hand it in, no later than Sunday, September 15. 

SevikaSangham Announcement:

Joint SevikaSangham Retreat is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 14 at the Canadian Marthoma Church from 9:30am. Day to be filled with spiritual encouragement, Praise and Worship and Devotion. Along with this we also have Rev. Ajit Varghese who will talk to us about “Coping with Stress” and last but not least “Tips/Information” about Ayurveda by Dr. Lincy Benjamin. Come out and be part of 2019 Retreat.For Additional information feel free to reach out to Julie Varghese @ 905-713-2575


Choir Announcement:

A general body meeting of the Canadian Mar Thoma Church Choir is scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 15 soon after the Holy Communion right after the HC service to transact the following agenda:


1) Election of one choir representative for the phase 2 construction 

2) Strategy to improve & better participation in the choir

3) AOB

Signed, Choir Secretary – Johnson Zachariah


Edavaka Mission Announcement:

Edavaka Mission Bible Study on Friday, September 13 @ 7:30 pm, at the church.


Fasting Prayer:

Fasting Prayer meeting on Wednesday, September 11 @ 10 am, at the church. 


Senior Fellowship Announcement:

Members who had signed up for a 2-day trip (September 6-7) to Sight & Sound Theatre – Bringing the Bible to Life on Stage, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, had a blessed time.  This trip was organized and planned immaculately by our Senior Fellowship Coordinator, Mathew C Samuel. Uncle spend a lot of time planning, preparing and working logistics to make this a memorable trip.  Acknowledge, appreciate and thank him for his efforts. 


On behalf of the executive team, and coordinators of the Harvest Fest-CMTC Carnival, I take this time to thank every member of this church, for their full participation in the event and making it a grand success.  Thank you to all who worked behind the scenes and spend countless hours to coordinate – setting up stalls, organizing and arranging items for thattukada, sales, games, activities, programs, auctions, and much more. Special mention and a big “thank you” to our Sunil Achen for his leadership, prayerful support, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.  Praise God for the time and talents of members from as young as 4 years old to the very old who actively participated and stayed back for the afternoon filled with fun and fellowship.  Thank you one and all.


Thank you’s:

On behalf of Sunil Achen, and the Canadian MTC, I take this time to thank Rev. Dr. T. S. Thomas and Rev. T. A. Samuel for celebrating the Holy Communion Service with us.  Thank you Achens for your presence in the madbaha and making the worship service a blessed one.


On behalf of our Sunil Achen, and the Canadian MTC, would like to extend special thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the St. Mathews MTC Choir for your kind gesture by taking part in the Choir Exchange program, and making your good selves available to assist in our Holy Communion Service.  Thank you for an excellent selection of songs and rendering it well and making it a blessed Worship Service because I must say Choirs have the power to enhance the experience of any worship service and you have articulated it well. 


Please stay back and enjoy sumptuous meal being served outside in the foyer as part of cultural feast 2019.  If you have not bought a ticket, not to worry….please make your way to the foyer and representatives from the YuvajanaSakhyam fellowship will help find you a seat. 


Thank you and have a blessed week.