Sunday December 23rd, 2018

Worship Services:
1. Tuesday Dec.25th we will have Christmas Day Holy Communion Service in English at 10;AM
2.Sunday Dec. 30th we will have Sunday School starting at 9: 00 AM ;Holy Communion Service in Malayalam at 10: AM 
3. Monday Dec. 31st Watch night Service starts at 9:30 PM followed by New Year  Holy Communion Service  in Malayalam starting at 11:00 PM.
4. Marriage Bann Glen George
                       "     Nevin
5.  Winter Carnival :We have been announcing about today's Winter Carnival by our Youth Fellowship in the past few Sundays. They have been working very hard for this  for a few days. Base admission fee for the carnival is $10 and a non perishable food item which includes games and hot chocolate, but for a fee of 15 dollars and  a non perishable food item ,Pizza lunch,Cookie Decorating and Gift shop items will be included as well.We encourage our members to participate in any way you  can and support the Youth Fellowship in   their  fundraising efforts. 
6. New Comers Meet: Next Sunday we will have a meeting of the new comers who came to Canada in the last 2 or 3 years time to share their experiences, concerns etc. Achen and office bearers will be guiding the meeting.
7. Birth Announcement:  A baby boy David Lijo John is born to Lijo John and Sini John of Markham on Saturday Dec.22nd. Congratulations to the blessed Parents.
8.  Christmas Carol Service: