Sunday December 9th 2018

Announcements for Sunday November 25th 2018
1. Worship Service: Next Sunday Dec.16th , Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM followed by Holly Communion Service in Malayalam starting at 10 00 AM
2. General Body Notice: General Body on Sunday December 9th. 
3. Christmas House to house carol : Today the house to house Carol starts at 2:30 PM in area 4  at the residence of Mr. Mathew Thomas (Soman and Susan) we encourage everybody to meet there on time and it ends at the residence Mr Thomas Ommen (Kunjukunju and Leelamma)
Next Saturday: December 15th: Starts 2:30 PM at the residence of Mr. Varghese Olipattu (George Kutty and Aliyamma) 24 Bridport Cresent Scarborough. 
4. Youth Announcement /DLC: Winter Carnival December 23rd Sunday at 12:30.
5. Sevika Sanghom announcement. Sevika Sanghom is planning to do house visits on Saturday Dec.15th at 3:00 Pm  and Sunday Dec.16th after the holy communion service.If any member like to join these visits please contact Jeena Sajan the Sevika S secretary. Also please hand in your Sevika S subscription to the SS treasurer or committee members. Jeena Sajan SSsecretary.
6. There will be Fasting Prayer meeting at 10.AM on Wednesday at church.