Sunday October 21, 2018

Announcements For Sunday Oct. 21st 2018

1. Kalpana Circular # 322

2. Worship Service:
Next Sunday Oct. 28th 9:00 AM Sunday School Common Session and Classes followed by Holy Communion Service in English starting at 10 00 AM. We are celebrating next Sunday as Family Sunday.

3. Today right after the Service we will have a public meeting to celebrate the first anniversary of our Church consecration and our Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma and our Mayor Hon. Justin Altmann will be our chief guests. We request everybody to attend the meeting and participate in the fellow ship lunch afterwards. 

4. Prayer Meetings :
1) There will be an area 5 prayer meeting at 6.00 PM on Saturday Oct. 27th at the residence of Mr. Abraham Varghese (T Mon and Regi . Their address is 153 Tower Hill Rd Richmond Hill.
2) There will be an area 3 prayer meeting at 4: 30 PM on Sunday Oct. 28th at the residence of Mrs. Kunjamma Ninan .Her address is 20 Mcdairmid Rd Scarborough.

3) There will be an area 1 prayer meeting at 5:30 PM on Sunday Oct 28th at the residence of Mr. Regi Alexander (Regi and Suji) Their address is 760 Craighurst Crt Pickering.

5. Obituary :
Samuel Chacko , father of Sam and Neetha of area 5 was called to eternal home on  Tuesday Oct. 16th in Thiruvalla. Funeral was conducted on Friday oct. 19th. please uphold the bereaved families in your prayers.

6. As you all know , we were having our Parish Convention for the past 2 days. And our dear Baiju Markose Achen from Chicago has been delivering the word of God forcefully to us. I take this opportunity to thank Baiju Markose Achen for coming and delivering the messages on Friday Saturday and today, thank you Achen.

7. Our Metropolitan Most Rev Dr. Joseph Marthoma has been with us from Friday onwards and as always His Graces presence is a blessing for us. As the Secretary I have the greatest joy in welcoming our beloved thirumeni and also convey our happiness and gratitude for leading the Holy Communion Service today.