Sunday October 07, 2018

Announcements for Sunday October 7th.

1. Worship service:  Next Sunday Oct.14th 9.AM Sunday School Common Session and Classes followed by Holy Communion Service in English starting at 10:AM.

2. General Body Meeting Notice 

3. Prayer Meetings: 1,There will be an area 1 prayer meeting  at 3 pm on Saturday  Oct. 13th at the residence of Mr. Ron John (Ron and Lydia) in Oshawa. 

2, There will be an area 4 prayer meeting at 5 PM  on Sunday Oct 14th at the residence of Mr. Benny V Joseph (Benny and Manju) in Stouffville. 

3. Parish Convention: This year we will have our parish Convention on Oct.19th and 20th Friday and Saturday, our main speaker will be  Rev. Baiju Markose from Chicago.     

October 21st is the first anniversary of our Church Dedication. We have decided to celebrate that as the Thanks giving day and our Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr.Joseph Marthoma will be with us to celebrate the Holy Communion Service.After the Holy Communion Service we will have a short public meeting with our Metropolitan and  the  Mayor of Whithchurch Stouffville Honorable Justin Altman.There will be fellowship lunch afterwards arranged by the Fundraising Committee of our Diocesan Youth Leadership Conference. This year our parish is hosting the conference from Jan.3rd to 6th 2019 ,the reason I am explaining all this  is when our youth call their aunties please support them with your culinary expertise.  

   Every year we follow the tradition of submitting our  one day income as thanksgiving offertory so we encourage all of you to follow the same on October 21st Sunday using the Thanksgiving Offertory envelope given to you in the bundle.

4. Sevika Sanghom Announcement: Sevika Sanghom Dinner event is on this Saturday at 6:00 PM at church. As usual the Sevika Sanghom members  will be serving delicious Kerala food and presenting variety entertainments.please make sure you get your tickets before they are sold out.

5. Sunday School Announcements: Sunday School Anniversary on Sunday October 14th after Service. 

Hallelujah time October 31st 7:00- 9:00 PM at Church. 

6. There will be Fasting prayer meeting at 10 AM on Wednesday at the church.

7. There will be Edavaka Mission prayer at 7.30 PM on Friday at church.