Sunday, August 19, 2018

Announcements for August 19th Sunday.

1.      Kalpana 

2.      Worship Service: Next Sunday August 26th Sunday school Common Session followed by Holy Communion Service in English starting at 9.30 am.

3.      Prayer Meetings:

1) There is a prayer meeting today in area 4 at the residence of Mr. Babu Joseph (Babu and Suja) at 6.30 pm. Their address is 4 Ada gardens Markham.

 2) There will be another area 4 prayer meeting at 4:00 pm on Saturday August 25th at the residence of Mr.Cherian Abraham (Babykutty and Shine) their address is 394 Cam Fella Blvd Stouffville.

3) There will be an area 5 prayer meeting at 6.30 pm on Saturday August 25th at the residence of Mr. Samuel John (Joji and Latha) Their address is 59 Lady Karen Cres Maple

4) There will be an area1 prayer meeting at 6.00pm on Sunday August 26 at the residence of Mr. Samel Mathew (Samel and Merline) Their address is 46 Hearne Cres.Ajax.

4.      Sevika Sanghom Announcements 

5.      Harvest Festival: We are conducting a Harvest Festival next Sunday at our Church after the service at the Foyer.Those who have fresh Garden Vegitables, Exotic Plants like Jasmine Karileaves plants etc please bring them for sale or auction. Mr. Itty Thomas and Mrs. Jeena Sajan are the coordinators of this event. Please come prepared to buy the very fresh Garden Vegies which are purely organic!

6.      Students Thanksgiving: Next Sunday is our Students Thanksgiving Sunday .All School, College ,University and other students please come prepared  for thanksgiving with thanksgiving offertory in the given envelops.

7.      A baby girl Elisha Sajan is born to parents Sajan Varghese and Jenu John on the  16th of  August. Congratulations proud parents.

8.      Yuvajana Sakhyam Transportation announcement 

9.      There will be sevika sanghom prayer meeting today after the service at the sanctuary.

10.  There will be Fasting prayer on Wednesday at 10 am at church.

11.  There will be Edavaka Mission prayer meeting at 7:30 pm on Friday at church.

12.  DYLC announcement: