Sunday, August 05, 2018

 Announcements for August 05th Sunday.


1. Worship Service :
Next Sunday August 12th Sunday 9.00 am Sunday school Common Session followed by Holy Communion Service in English Starting at 9.30 am.

2.Prayer Meetings:
a) Today there is a prayer meeting in Area 3 at 4 pm at the residence of Mr.George Abraham(Shaji and Susi) Their address is 62Grosbeak Cres, Scarborough.

b)  There is a prayer meeting in area 5 at 6 pm at the residence of Mr. Cherian V Edichandy (Kunjumon and Thanku) Their address is 41 Offord Cres, Aurora.

c) There is a prayer meeting in area 6  on Sunday, 12th August at 6 pm at the residence of Mr. Santhosh Varghese (Santhosh and Julie) Their address is 21 Trainor Court, Nobleton, On, L0G 1N0 Tel # 905-713-2575

3. Today after service there will be Sevika Sanghom Prayer meeting in the sanctuary.

4. Sunday School Appreciation Day:
The Sunday School Appreciation day is today at 12.30 pm at the Lake Wilcox Park 12895 Bayview Ave all Sunday School students and teachers are requested to attend. Lunch will be provided at the park. Parents are requested to take your children to the park from the church.

Ginu George
Sunday School Secretary. 

5.  There will be Fasting Prayer on Wednesday at church at 10 am.

6.  There will be Edavaka Mission prayer at 7.30 pm on Friday at church.

7.   Our Church Picnic is on this Saturday starting at 8.30 am at Bruce Mills Park 3291 Stouffville Rd. Those who haven't registered their names please do so today at the Registration desk in the foyer so that you can avoid unnecessary  hassle ,at the entrance you need coupon to get in the entrance which you can get it today when you register. The parish will pay for your entrance fee The picnic fee is $30 for a family and $15 per person.


8.  As many of you witnessed Our Choir Fest was conducted yesterday at church in a magnificent manner and we got a thunderous applause from all the participant parishes. We thank all the subcommittees and the Choir Festival Committee who worked tirelessly for the grand success of the program especially the Choir Festival  committee convener Mr. George Mathew  Madackal and our Vicar Rev Sunil Mathew. A special Thank you for all those who provided Gust Services Particularly accommodation for our gusts.. Many parishioners  helped in several  other ways we thank all of them.