Sunday, July 29, 2018

 Announcements for July 29th Sunday.

1. Worshp Services: Sunday August 5th 9 am Sunday School Common Session followed by Holy Communion Service in Malayalam starting at 9.30 am

2. Prayer Meetings:

1 Today there will be an area 2 prayer meeting at 6.30 at the residence of Mr.John Abraham (Georgekutty and Sheela) Their address is 4 Biltmore Crt Scarborough.

2. There is an area 3 prayer meeting at 4 pm on Sunday August 5th at the residence of Mr. George Abraham (Shaji and Susan) Their address is 62Grosbeak Cres Scarborough.


3. There is an area 5 prayer meeting at 6 pm on Sunday August 5th at the residence of Mr.Cherian V Edichandy (Kunjumon and Thanku ) Their address is 41 Offord Cres Aurora 

4. There will be regular Sevika Sanghom prayer meeting today at church after the service 

5. There will be  Fasting prayer meeting on Wednesday at 10 am at church.

6. There will be edavaka Mission Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7.30 pm at church

7. Picnic announcement: Picnic on August 11th Saturday at Bruces's Mills Park 

8. Sunday School announcement: Sunday School APPRECIATION DAY is August 5th .Time 12.30- 2.30 Venue Lake Wicox Park 12895 Baview Ave 


Offertory collected last Sunday


Choir Fest : The 25th Choir Festival will be conducted at our church this Saturday from 4.30 pm onwards . Choirs from Chicago, Detroit St. Mathews Milton and our own . As the host parish we encourage all parish members to come participate and support this program.