Sunday, June 24, 2018

 Announcements for June 24th  Sunday.

1.       Worship Services :  This Friday June 29th we will have a Special  Holy Communion Service in Malayalam led by Rt. Rev Joseph Mar Barnabas episcopa at 7:30 PM

2.        Next Sunday July 1st 9 am Sunday School Common Session followed by Holy Communion Service in Malayalam starting at 9:30 am.

3.       Prayer Meetings: Today there will be an area 4 prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. Alexander Philip (Alex and Tiji) at 6 pm. Their address is 199 Reeves Way Blvd Stouffville.

4.       There will be an area 5 prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. Zachariah M John, Johnson and   Annie Zachariah at 6 pm on Sunday July 1st 2018. Their new address is 136 Santa Maria Trail Maple Ont. L6A 3G9 and their new phone no is 905 417 5887.

5.       There will be Fasting Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 10 am at the church.

6.       Obituary:
Mr.Yervant  Bozoghlan, father of our member  Mr. Edward Bozoghlan (Edward and Jenifer) passed away at the age of 78 and the funeral was conducted  yesterday. As the parish we, the vicar and members express our sorrow and convey our condolence to the bereaved families.

Anna George ,93 years of age mother of our members Meera Oommen (aby and Meera) and Preetha Alexander (Alex and Preetha ) passed away in Trivandrum on Tuesday June 19th   and the funeral was conducted on Saturday at the Trinity Marthoma Church Trivandrum. On behalf of the parish, we   express our condolence and pray that the everlasting peace of our  Lord Jesus Christ comfort the souls of the bereaved family members.