Sunday, May 13, 2018

Announcements for may 13th Sunday.


1.     Worship Services. 

Next Sunday May 20th
9:00 AM Praise and Worship followed by Holy Communion Service in Malayalam at 9:30 AM

2.   Prayer Meetings

Ø  Area 3- at the residence of Sundeep George at 4 PM on Saturday May 19th. 

Ø  Area 4 -at the residence of Abraham Eapen at 6 PM on Saturday May 19th. 

Ø  Area 5 - at the Canadian Marthoma Church on behalf of Jeena Sajan at 6 PM on Monday May 21st. 


3.   Spring Cleaning

Please join us for our church cleaning and Gardening at 9:AM on Saturday May 19th 


4.  Parish Day

Parish Day is postponed to July 22nd