Sunday, April 22, 2018

 Announcements for April 22nd Sunday. 

1. Kalpana

 a. Kalpana DC/265/18
     b. D/C/290/18

2. Worship Services. 


Next Sunday April 29th praise and worship at 9.30 am followed by Holy Communion Service in Malayalam starting at 10.00AM. As you all are aware that will be our Shibu Samuel Achen’s last Holy Communion Service here for a while as Achen and Family are leaving to Kerala the next day. 

3. General Body Notice:

4. Prayer Meetings:

·         There will be a prayer meeting at the residence of Mr.Joseph P Christy (Vinu and Rinu) at 4.00 PM on Saturday April 28th. Their address is 64,Seascape Cresent Brampton. 

·         There will be an area 2 prayer  meeting on Saturday April 28th at 6.30PM at the residence of Mr. George Mathew Madackal ( Kochumon and Susan). Their address is 67 Janray Dr. Scarborough. 

5.  Marriage Bann:


6. Acoustic Panels

Now as you see the long awaited Acoustic Panels are here sitting in the foyer,Please do not touch or handle them and ask our children to stay away from them. Hopefully they will be installed next week. 

7.  Condolence  Book


There is a Book Of Condolence to record your condolence messages which later we will send it to Kerala. 

8. Shibu Achen Farewell meeting. 

We will have our Shibu Achen and family’s  Farewell meeting next Sunday and after  the Farewell meeting lunch will be served. We request and encourage all our members to attend 
next Sunday Service, Farewell meeting, Fellowship lunch and afterwords the General Body Meeting at 2.30 PM. 
9. Edavaka Mission Prayer Meeting


There will be Edavaka Mission Prayer Meeting this Friday evening at 7.30 PM at Church.