Sunday, Jan 21, 2018


Announcements for Sunday, Jan 21, 2018




Diocesan Bishop’s Kalpana DC/33/18



Worship Services

Next Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, we will have Praise & Worship service at 9:00 AM followed by Holy Communion service in English at 9:30 AM. 



Prayer meeting


1.       An area 5 prayer meeting will be held at the residence of Mathew Zachariah (Mathew & Binamma) on Sunday, Jan 28, 2018 at 5:00 PM. ________________________________________________________________________


Edavaka Mission announcement


Next Edavaka Mission prayer meeting will be held on Friday, Feb 2, 2018 at 7:30 PM at the church. Request all Edavaka Mission members to come and participate in the meeting.




Senior Fellowship announcement


A senior fellowship meeting will be held today at the church after the holy communion service. Request all senior fellowship members to attend this meeting.



Youth Fellowship announcement


On behalf of the youth, I would love to cordially invite you to Ignite: Lighted to Lighten, a night of songs and skits showcasing the talents God has given to our youth. The concert will be held at our own church, 159 Sandiford Dr., Stouffville, ON, on February 17th 2018 and will have talents from our own youth and guest performances as well. Tickets are now available to purchase at the information desk. Tickets will be $15 for Individuals and $35 for families of 3 or more. Once again, the youth would like to invite you to this night of praise and worship. Now we will watch a short video the youth prepared. 


Nithin Thonichalil





Choir announcement


1.                 CHOIR AUDITION


The Canadian Mar Thoma Church choir is planning to have an audition for incorporating new members into the existing English and Malayalam choirs. Those who turn 12 years and above in this calendar year, please submit your names to either the Choir Secretary or the Vicar, Rev Shibu Samuel by February 3, 2017.





The Annual General Body Meeting of the Canadian Mar Thoma Church Choir will be held on 28th of January 2018 immediately after the Holy Communion Service to transact the following Agenda: 

1.                  Annual Report for the year 2017

2.                  Audited statement of Accounts for the year 2017

3.                  Annual Budget for the year 2018

4.                  Election of office bearers for the year 2018

5.                  Any Other Business matter with the permission of the chair.


The meeting will be presided over by the Vicar and President, Rev. Shibu Samuel. All choir members are requested to attend.


Dr. Bapu Cherian

Choir Secretary 




Quarterly Bulletin


Few more copies of the Jan-March quarterly bulletin are available for distribution. Please pick up a copy from the desk in the foyer.




New church construction – observations


All members are welcome to point out deficiencies with the church building / construction.  If you have noticed any faults / defects with the construction, please come and record them in a book maintained in the Trustees office. We will compile all the observations and will pass on to the building committee for their review and further actions, if necessary.




 Malayalam Class Registrations:

We are going to start the Malayalam Classes this year and registrations are OPEN.  If you are interested, please sign up on or before Jan 28, 2018.  We will have a bridge program for the newcomers to catch up to the ongoing program.  Registration forms are available in the foyer.  The cost is $10 for an individual (student or adult) and $20 for the family.  There is no age limit for registrations - young and old are welcome to join. 


 Malayalam Class Coordinators - Bapu Cherian & Suja Thomas




Announcement from the Trustees


Contribution list for the year 2017 is posted on the notice board. Please review the list and notify the Trustees if you find any errors and or discrepancies.