Sunday, Dec 3, 2017


Announcements for Sunday, Dec 3, 2017

Worship Services

Next Sunday, Dec 10, we will have Praise & Worship service at 9:00 AM followed by Holy Communion service in English at 9:30 AM.  Ms. Dona Lea Dyck from “Restore Canada-a community organization helping people in distress” will be leading the sermon.



Notice of General Body Meeting on Dec 10, 2017



Sunday School announcement


Our church participated in the Stouffville Santa Clause Parade was held yesterday. Our church was well presented with beautifully decorated floats and active participation from our members. We would like to thank Achen and Kochamma for all their support and leadership. Thanks to all the Sunday School teachers, Students, Choir, Executive committee and Parishioners who helped with the decorations of floats and spreading the good news of Christmas.


Coordinators of the Santa Clause Parade

Elizabeth Varghese and Cherian Abraham



Edavaka Mission announcement


We will have our next Edavaka Mission prayer meeting on coming Friday at 7:30 PM at the church.


Cherian Abraham, EM Secretary



Christmas Carol Service


Our annual Christmas carol service will be held on Saturday, Dec 23, 2017 at our church. Details of the program will be announced later. Request all members to set aside this day for the service.



Senior Fellowship


A group photo session for the senior fellowship is scheduled for today after the service. Request all senior fellowship members to be present for the session.



Sevika Sanghom announcement


1.      Sevika Sangham subscription

Request all Sevika sangham members to give their  subscription for this year as soon as possible. All women above the age of 18 years are members of sevika Sangham. Please give  your checks to your area representative.


2.       Sevika Sangham photo for Souvenoir.

As annonced last week, today we are taking a photo of all Sevika Sangham members for publishing in our souvenir. All  members are requested to stay back after the Holy communion service.


Shiney Mani

Sevika Sanghom secretary




Christmas House-to-House caroling


Today, house-to-house Christmas caroling will start at 3:00 PM from the residence of Mr. Santhosh Varghese, Nobleton.


Next Saturday, the caroling will start at 3:00 PM from the residence of Saam Chacko (Saam & Nitha), Toronto.




Mr. Alexander P. Alexander and Mr. George Mathai and Mr. Rajan C. George.




New Parsonage


The new parsonage at this complex will be ready for occupancy by early next week. Achen and family will be moving to the new parsonage on Saturday, Dec 16, 2017. A prayer meeting at the new parsonage is scheduled for 11:30 AM.  All members are invited for the meeting.



Mar Thoma Messenger


Mar Thoma Messenger is the official publication of the Diocese of North America and Europe of the Mar Thoma church since 1982. It is published every three months and contains Diocesan Bishop’s message, Metropolitan’s message, articles, parish organizations news with photos.


The next edition is expected to focus on Canadian parishes. Theme of this edition is “Witness to the Gospel”.  You are encouraged to send articles, stories, testimonials, poems, art work etc to the diocese directly or contact Alexander P. Alexander for assistance. As the next edition is going to be printed before Christmas, you need to send them within the next 10 days to be included in the next edition.


Alexander P. Alexander

Diocesan Council member and Messenger promoter.




Invitation from CSI church - Christmas Carol service


On behalf of the CSI Church, Toronto, I am pleased to invite all of you to the Christmas Carol Service of our Congregation. The Carol Service is on Saturday, December 09 at 6:00 PM. The doors are open at 5:30 PM.


 The flyer for the Christmas Carol is posted on the notice board. 


Rev. George Jacob

CSI Church-Toronto





Mr. Victor Thomas Abraham, 62 years, brother-in-law of Mrs. Susan Koshy (Anil & Susan), passed away in Bangalore on Nov 28, Tuesday. He was an active member and long time choir master of Primrose MTC, Bangalore. 

Please uphold the bereaving family members in your prayers.