Sunday, August 20, 2017


Announcements for Sunday, August 20, 2017


Worship Services

Next Sunday, August 27 th, we will have Praise & worship service at 9:00 AM followed by Holy Communion service in English at 9:30 AM.



Sunday School announcement


1.      Students Thanksgiving service will be held on August 27th, 2017 during the Holy Communion Service. Please attend the service prayerfully.


2.       Sunday School classes for the next academic year begins September 10th , 2017.


Elizabeth Varghese

SS Secretary


New Communicants Classes

New Communicants classes will be held next Sunday, August 27 th after the Holy Communion service at the church. For additional details please contact Achen.


Edavaka Mission announcement

We will have the next Edavaka Mission Prayer meeting this Friday at 7:30 PM at the church.


Junior Choir


For those who would like to join the Junior Choir, please contact Junior Choir Co-ordinator Benny V Joseph as early as possible. Children from the ages 6 and up can join the choir. By joining the Choir, Children will learn about God, the love of Jesus, and how to express their growing faith with songs.  In these choirs, that many children begin a life-long love of music and singing.


Please note that the first Choir practice will be on August 26th.


Benny Joseph




Mar Thoma Messenger

As read in the Diocesan Bishop’s Kalapana last week, August27 th is the Messenger Sunday and the Diocese is looking forward to increase the subscribership for the magazine.  Our Diocesan Council member Mr. Alexander P. Alexander will be approaching you for subscription. participation.

Subscription rates:

3 years (12 issues)- $35.00

6 years (24 Issues) - $70.00

Life membership - $300.00


Youth Fellowship announcement

The youth of the Canadian Marthoma Church Toronto is hosting a Basketball tournament on Saturday, August 26th, 2017. The tournament will run from 11am-5pm. All funds raised will be for the new church fund.  We are welcoming both spectators and players to participate in this wonderful event. Registration costs, $15 for players and $10 for spectators. Food and refreshments will be served at the location. Please contact Nithin Thonichalil if you need more information.



Mrs. Molikutty Mathew, 66 years, mother of our member Jacob Mathew (Pramod), passed away yesterday in Pune, India. Funeral services will be held at the St. Peters MTC, Pune on coming Tuesday. Pramod was with his mother at the time of her passing.


Let us uphold the bereaved family members in our prayers. and may our good Lord bless and strengthen them with hope, peace and comfort during this difficult time.