Achen & Family

Family : Asha Kochumma, Shalom and Shlomo
Mother Parish / Native Place: TRINITY MTC KOTTANAD
Education : BA, MA, BD
Year of Ordination: 2002

Kochumma's Full Name: ASHA MARIAMMA VARKEY
Children :
Shalom Sam Shibu [Appu] (12 Years - Grade 7)
Shlomo Sam Shibu [Unni] (7 Years - Grade 2)

Rev. Shibu Samuel hails from Ayyakkavil Keezhaplakkal house in Kottanad, Kerala and is the son of  Mr. K. T. Samuel and Mrs. Ammini Samuel.
Achens mother parish is Trinity MTC Kottanad , After his BA, MA, he completed his BD  and was ordained as a Achen in 2002 and in 2002 got married to Asha Kochamma.

Achen has served the St. Thomas MTC Gurgaon near Delhi, Immanuel MTC in Gaziabad in Utter Pradesh , Immanuel in Dewas , Madhya Pradesh.Additionally Achen in Dewas served as the Director of Khrist seva Kendra and the Principal and Director of St. Thomas Higher Secondary School.

Prior to coming to the Canadian MarThoma Church,  for more than 5 years he served as a missionary at the Gospel mission in Pollachi , Tamil Nadu which had many mission centres and Evangelists.Among the distinguished positions he has held are being a Diocesan Council Member for the Chennai- Bangalore diocese.

Kochamma who is also known as Asha Mariamma Varkey belongs to the Parampathur house , Chengannur and her mother parish is Marthoma Valiyapally, Chengannur.They have two sons, Shalom Sam Shibu who is currently in Grade 9 and Shlomo Sam Shibu who is in Grade 5.